Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Faux Bois DIY

winter white faux bois vases cg

As a follow up to the Faux Bois tutorial, I thought this little project that I found on Pinterest from Censational Girl would be fun to try. There are endless paper and painting projects that you can do with the faux bios technique (cards, trays, etc) but I thought this would be fun because it resembles the newest craze in faux bois: birch.
This cost me just over $9...I purchased my glass vase at the $ store and everything else at Lowes.
I was pretty free with the silicone, it looked gloppy, but no worries. Then 24 hours later, I followed with etching spray, and then finally, about 20 min after that was dry I sprayed with the primer. I needed two coats of primer when it was all said and done.
Click this link for Complete directions for faux bois vase project!
winter white faux bois vases cg

This is what the silicone phase looks like.
 If you can find a silicone with a finer tip, you'll be happier!
Almost dry!
I LOVE how mine turned out.  Im thinking of trying to perfect this and get the bark lines finer and I may try to do glass Christmas ornaments next week!

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