Monday, June 17, 2013

Pattern Pleasure: Gilbraith & Paul Wallpapers

A good pattern can be a pleasurable thing...a blissful, happy thing. Some people don't get it, but for those of us who do, patterns add charm and style to your space. Even small amounts of pattern in accessories or the background of your decor can infuse color and character, making your home a reflection of the cast of  CHARACTERS who occupy it.

There is good wallpaper and there is bad wallpaper. SO many of us have a bad taste in our mouths when we think wallpaper....I've steamed off my share of bad '80's wallpaper border, btw. But GOOD wallpaper is timeless. In fact, good wallpaper can add another layer of elegance to your space. And even if you aren't brave enough to go for an entire dining room with wallpaper, there are other ways that you can use wallpaper in small areas to make a large style impact.
I dream of using wallpaper in the back of a book shelf some day. Or maybe, dare I say, in my studio...yes, it is a dream of mine to have at least one wall of lovely wall paper in my 'dreaming my dreams' studio.
These days I'm particularly in love with Gilbraith & Paul Wallpaper.
See for yourself!



Small Star

This one above is my favorite. Can't you see this lining the back of a book case?!
They have an air of both vintage and modern...a brilliant marriage of fresh colors mixed with vintage motifs...what do you think? I think it's just the right combination of old fashioned and fresh for me...and my imaginary studio!
Or the back of a white hutch in a kitchen???

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