Tuesday, August 13, 2013

House Guests: The MODEL HOME in my new neighborhood {Part 2}

Contemporary Classic
Today I'm continuing our tour of the model home in our new neighborhood.
2 weeks ago I posted the tour of the downstairs in the model home and today I'm sharing the upstairs rooms. 
Here is what I had said in the earlier post about my impressions of this house:
Yup, we have officially moved into our new neighborhood.
Our home was existing but there is a model in the hood since there are lots still available to purchase. Models are great sources for current design trends, furniture placement issues and also to answer the question, "what do I do with that weird window...do I hang a curtain or leave it plain"? So, off to the model I went in search of inspiration and a few thoughts about quirky architectural elements and what the best design solution will be for me to attack them ;)

This particular model is trending light, bright and airy, contemporary grays and bold art. Note that there is tile and not wood floors in this model...I think this will be a big trend in the next year or two...moving away from wood and more to interesting tile. Another sort of style trend I'm seeing here and in so many other interiors is HOTEL DESIGN....home interiors to me are moving towards HOTEL DESIGN...very sleek and uncluttered, even in traditional interpretations. Scroll down through the pictures and tell me that any one of these rooms couldn't be a hotel room.
I'm not a 'new home' kind of gal, but we are in a newer subdivision. Many builders are starting to add wainscotting, built ins and other details throughout homes in order to add much desired character to these otherwise 'cookie cutter' houses. Hallelujah!

So, finally, here are the upstairs rooms!






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What do you think? A very contemporary traditional approach? Yay, Nay?? I like the contemporary light fixtures and use of tile. The Master and Master  Bath is my favorite.  Did you notice behind the TV in the Game Room they used tile? The same dot tile, in gray not teal, that was used in the Upstairs Bath. 


  1. Wow!! That master bathroom is GORGEOUS! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. HI Jenna! Thanks for stopping by! I am not drawn to new homes, I prefer older homes with character and character flaws ;) but I think there are so many 'take aways' from this model- especially the master bedroom and new tile showcased throughout the house. I love the grays in the master...so clean and elegant. I am craving the painting over the dresser. Thanks again for your comment! XO.