Thursday, May 15, 2014

On becoming a Possibilitarian {which basically means I'm going to be positive, true to myself + unstoppable, yo}

There aren't any fabrics, style advice or color swatches in this post.
And it is NOT sponsored, either.
There is however, a big, fat, DIY Challenge in this sucker, though, because
this is another post in the HAPPY YOU YEAR Series.

This was inspired by Layla at THE LETTERED COTTAGE 

and Kelly Rae Roberts "Possibilitarian Project" which encourages folks to find creativity, truth and joy within themselves and to share it with others. 

No, I didn't say egalitarian!
Not librarian!
Nor Rotarian!

{Disclaimer #2: I'm not saying Peale had it all figured out. Actually he was a controversial mid-century figure, who didn't get it right on a lot of things, in my opinion. But I stumbled across the term which he coined "Possibilitarian" and it has inspired me} 

I've always been a sort of "chin up" type of gal.  "Where there is a will, there is a way", right? 

My kids and I are always singing and whistling "Always look on the bright side of life" 

(it's sort of a motto for us). 

This all may just seem link bunk to you but if you believe in positive thinking, then this is really just an expansion of positive thinking and having a positive mindset, it's positive LIVING.

DIY Challenge:  be a Possibilitarian. 

If you're religious, like, you really live your're most likely a Possibilitarian.
If you're a "glass half full" gal you're most likely a Possibilitarian. 
If you lean towards believing in Karma, you're probably going to love this, too. 

So, what is different or "new" to me about  the label, POSSIBILITARIANISM?

Well, it's more than just being positive. It's more than just being hopeful.
It's about finding your inner core of who and what you are and sharing that core with others. 
Connecting with others on a different level. 
It's about believing that anything is possible with courage, kindness and love. 
It's about being unstoppable, even if the step forward is small.
It's about finding joy in the journey, every single day. 
It's about living a whole-life. Not a half-life.

This is a huge thing for me right now. 
Having gone through a sort of life-tipped-on-its-head kind of year, I am really understanding the not wanting to live a half-life thing. 
But rather, wanting to live a full, whole, genuine and true life. 
In terms of what I normally blog about, I'd say it's about the difference between a HOUSE and a HOME

I recently read a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Layla Palmer from THE LETTERED COTTAGE about Possibilitarianism. Well, it's actually a post showing her new door... which just happens to show her self-proclaimed title of "Possibilitarian". 
It was the first time I had heard of the term. You may think it's fluff or some sort of 
Mary Poppins-ism, 
but Layla sums up what it means in her own words and it really struck a chord with me.

Check out Layla's lovely post
It's not too deep, it's fun. 
Try it.


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