Friday, March 11, 2016

House Guests {Pinecrest}

When we first moved to the Salt Lake City area, we considered living up Emigration Canyon for its rugged mountain atmosphere yet close proximity to the city convenience. After realizing that it was more isolated than it appeared, we opted for an area that still was only a few moments away from canyons, skiing and trails, but we needed to be closer to schools, grocery stores and civilization.

HOWEVER, I've never been able to shake my first love...Emigration Canyon. If we could do it all over again, I may have considered home schooling or just sucked it up and been ok with being buried up in the canyon when the 90" snow base rolls in each Winter. And I would have bought the snow mobile and told the kids to forget about extracuricular activites, because this and the hills around it would have been all of the activity they'd need.  If I was looking for a home with tons of privacy, a "Rocky Mountain High" feel, with unique yet down to Earth architecture and being off the grid was a plus...this house would be everything.

I got to drive up to this house last week and I'd love to share this Modern Mountain Swiss Family Robinson home with you. According to the listing agent, "It’s part contemporary cabin, part mountain-infused modern, and all that and a bag of trail mix". 

BOY, what I could do to this house.



To see more photos, specific property and listing agent info visit City Home Collective. 
All photos courtesy of City Home Collective

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