Thursday, March 10, 2016

Splurge or Steal {Giant Book Page Art}

I love good design. You can have good design no matter the size of your budget. You just have to be more creative, and sometimes being scrappy and ingenuitive can generate even better results than taking the costly, "easy" way out. 
However, sometimes DIYs come off too much like a DIY and it is better to wait for the real thing. That may be the case in this instance, but when you're talking about a $500+ difference for a piece of art that you can come close to replicating...well, it's worth the shot, in my book, if it means having it or not having it.

But when the real deal isn't a perfect fit...well, enter the scrappy and ingenuis DIY.
A client of mine has wanted this Velveteen Rabbit Art for several months. The quote and book page idea is perfect for her hallway, however, the rustic frame is all wrong. She has no problem with the price point, but there is no way of ordering the print and not the frame. SugarBoo, the manufacturer, says that it is printed on a wood board, so there is no way of ordering it without the rustic frame.
SugarBoo Print $600

So, after a bit of research, we're off to try to DIY a paper print of the Velveteen Rabbit quote that can be framed in a silver or brass frame that works with the rest of the upscale vibe. It will be down the hall from a Benson-Cobb, so the rustic frame just wasn't the way to go.The other brilliant thing about this DIY is that you can obviously, select any quote that you'd like to have. I'll be following this tutorial from Whimsy Girl Design and let you know how it turns out! I'm thinking of doing 3 for my own hallway in a massive architect's size of 36x48. Hooray for Lindsay of Whimsy Girl for working all of these details out and sharing them!

DIY Whimsy Girl Design $70

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