Tuesday, September 24, 2013

House Guests: Genevieve Gorder's Eclectic New York Brownstone

For years, I've loved Genevieve Gorder's fun, eclectic and classic approach to decorating. Years ago, on Trading Spaces, she was the real star to me. I think she was WAY ahead of her time. I was thrilled when she jumped ship from TLC to HGTV: I think she's one of the most knowledgeable, genuine and talented designers out there in TV. She seems to be able to incorporate classic elements of design with personal objects, thus creating a COLLECTED LOOK,  a sense of real life functionality and organization...in other words, she creates a space that is a reflection of the people who live there. That's real design in my opinion.

A while back in early 2012, Genevieve gave HGTV Magazine a tour of her NYC Brownstone. Her personal space is more Global than I would have predicted. With her signature contrasting dark and light palette, the result is exquisite.

Moroccan Details- Genevieve Gorder

{G.G. uses space wisely, here is her spice drawer. NO CLUTTER on the counter people!}

BM White Wisp -- in genevieve gorder's living room
Benjamin Moore "White Wisp" is used on walls throughout her brownstone

Via Design Sponge

All other photos via HGTV 

And if this is your style, check out Genevieve's edgy, geometric, flat woven rugs at Capel Rugs. 

What do you think?
 In love or too eclectic?
Too clean or stark for you or just right?
 I think this is an interesting example that you can be a girl and have something other than typical 'feminine' style. 


  1. Your home is so beautiful, love the tile in bathroom and love the fireplace area...Thank you for sharing your home on your post, it is so pretty and the mirror above the mantle is awesome...Phyllis

    1. Phyllis, I wish! This isn't my home, just a house tour of interior designer Genevieve Gorder's home. I love to show different styles, to help my readers find their own style or be introduced to more styles that may be out of the box for them or beyond their comfort zone- all to help find what makes us happy and incorporate it into our living spaces. Thanks for stopping by! If I ever have a New York City Brownstone, I'm using this same tile that Genevieve used ;) Looking forward to hopping over to your blog! Nice to 'meet' you! XXXOOO.