Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pinterest Board Spotlight {Blue Christmas Blog Hop}

Come join us for the Blue Christmas Blog Hop! We'll be showing you fun ideas on how to incorporate a bit of blue into your holiday decor! Every Friday from  Nov 15th-Dec 6th!

Last Year a few of my FAVORITE BLOGGERS and I got together to host the BLUE CHRISTMAS BLOG HOP...I can't believe it has been a year! And although we won't be having another hop this year, we've continued to pin our original ideas as well as other inspirational Blue Christmas ideas to our pin board.

House of Turquoise: Turquoise Holiday Decor | Home Stories A to Z
I'll have a blue, blue,Christmas

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Decorating {rustic plaid}

Friday, November 28, 2014

Year of Change Designer Challenge November Reveal {Bedroom Refresh}

It's that time again!!! 
Today we are all revealing our November Year of Change Project: Bedroom Refresh!
 As always, each month I am joined by Tricia and Erin who ARE Suburban BitchesSarah at Life on Virginia Street and Rosa of Rosa Beltran Designs. We also have fabulous guest designers each month and this month is no exception!!! We are excited to have the lovely ladies at 11 Magnolia Lane as our guest designers for our Bedroom Challenge this month.
I approached this month's challenge from the perspective of just taking away, changing out, adding a few different accessories can freshen up your you the change you want for a small amount of money.  For several years, I have had porcelain blue and white bedding, and although soft and pretty, it was sort of feeling tired and bland.  I wanted a predominantly white bed with pops of bohemian blues, golds, creams and grays. The key for me was to keep it textural and comfortable. I wanted sophisticated and chic but not fancy and formal.
I started with my own white sheets, (stitching on a gray Greek Key trim to the top sheet), added several pillows (purchasing the ones that I loved and then playing with them to see which would actually work together), moved a rug from another room and finished with my bedside table.
I would have LOVED to plank the walls, add bamboo blinds and a handful of other little details.
The word FRESH is in the word REFRESH...I wanted a refreshing, relaxing room.
Here is my CASUAL BOHO CHIC Bedroom Refresh.

 The fun part was playing with the pillows that I had selected.

and this is the final pillow decision...although difficult to edit out a John Robshaw pillow, less was more for me.

My room isn't bright green, as it appears in the picture below, it is Sherwin Williams "Sea Salt", so it is actually more of a gray during the day but the light in the picture throws it off quite a bit. 

I'll be sharing a Source Guide for the Refresh on Tuesday of next week, if anyone is interested in learning where I found my items...everywhere from Anthropologie to Walmart.

Be sure to check out all those amazing rooms from Suburban BitchesLife on Virginia StreetRosa Beltran Designs and our fabulous guest 11 Magnolia Street
Hope you're inspired by our YoC projects this month.
We'll be announcing our December Challenge next week!!! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Commona My Kitchen {Leftovers Roundup}

I bought a 22 Pound turkey.
For 2 Adults, 2 Teens and 2 kids.
That means we have about 18 Pounds of leftover turkey.

Here's what I'll be doing to make my fridge full of leftovers into yummy meal options... i.e. NOT BORING, same old-same old Campbell's Soup Casseroles, thank you very much. 
Turkey and Waffles Sandwich via RealFoodbyDad
Turkey Waffles
Leftover Turkey, Cranberry, & Pesto Panini | | A delicious and easy way to use your left over turkey and cranberry sauce!
Turkey Cranberry Pesto Panini

10-Minute Turkey Salad Sandwiches for Thanksgiving Leftovers #theeverygirl
Turkey Salad Sandwiches
Potato Tart
Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes from #recipe #thanksgiving
Potato Pancakes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let our lives be full of both THANKS & GIVING......
Let our lives be full of thanks and giving

and free printable MADLIBS, to pass the time while waiting for that pie you're grateful for!

Free Thanksgiving Printables for Kids |

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving {a last minute round-up}

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
Here are my favorite last minute helpers, for whether you're hosting, roasting or loafing.
I prefer the loafing option, btw.
1. Pumpkin and Pecan Pie Recipes from Sinclair and Moore.
sinclair-moore-pumpkin-pie-tutorial-1--750x1000Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 10

2. Are you a polite Hostess? A polite Guest? Bone up on your Etiquette. 

A Modern Guide to Thanksgiving Etiquette photo
3. Formal or Informal? Know where to put the spoon....and which one to use!
formal place settings
4. No more boring left-overs. Make this yummy Turkey Salad Sandwich and be glad you bought that 22lb bird. 
10-Minute Turkey Salad Sandwiches for Thanksgiving Leftovers #theeverygirl
5. Every year Melissa Esplin, Calligrapher Extraordinaire, shares a free Thank You Printable. The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving...saying Thank You to those who you are grateful for and grateful to.
Hope you have a Happy, Joyful, Count Your Blessings sort of Thanksgiving.

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration {"New York State of Mind", Benjamin Moore}

(New York state of mind) Blue in sleeper; "goes great with" BM Mt Rainier gray, Golden lab

Benjamin Moore 805 "New York State of Mind"  Lisa Mende Design: Best Navy Blue Paint Colors
Janelle McCulloch's Library of Design: Feeling Blue: Why Navy Interiors Reflect Our Mood