Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pinterest Board Spotlight {I'll Have a Blue Christmas}

blue christmas

I'm such a Blue Christmas lover 
that I have 2 Pinterest Boards dedicated
to fabulous ideas on how to find your own Blue Holiday Style.

I have had my "I"ll have a blue Christmas" idea board for a few years now.
 Follow Amy's board I'll have a blue Christmas on Pinterest.

And last year, I hosted the Blue Christmas Blog Hop along with several of my most favorite Blogging Friends! 
This Board is full of DIY Ideas and How To's on easy ways to swap blue into your decor this year.



  1. Hi, I'm glad I stumbled across your blog today. I like the idea of a blue Christmas and the above room is simply beautiful. I've also been scrolling through some of your previous posts and I have to say, you do look like Elizabeth Montgomery. I used to love that show and I still watch reruns from time to time. I may take a peek at your Pinterest page, too. Have a wonderful day... :)

  2. ������ LOVE ������

  3. Amy, I also love a blue Christmas. Headed over to Pinterest to browse your boards.