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CMH Style Icon {Candice Bergen}

Candace Bergen - Natural Energy 7 For more information see #NE7 #9energies #candacebergen
I've started a new monthly series called CMH Style Icon where I share some of my own Fashion & Beauty Icons with you. I'll be sharing glimpses of women who I have admired and who have influenced my own personal style. In October I shared Elizabeth Montgomery's style and this month our November CMH Style Icon is Candice Bergen. I have planned this article for over 2 months, and just saw her on the Today Show yesterday. She is starring on Broadway with Alan Alda in "Love Letters". What incredible casting!!!

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES is Sand Pebbles...Candice Bergen & Steve McQueen. Need I say more? I remember watching it on a Sunday afternoon when I was in High School and totally falling in love with Steve McQueen and wanting to be Candice Bergen.
The Sand Pebbles starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Candace Bergen. and Richard Crenna

Co-stars Steve McQueen and Candice Bergen during filming of "The Sand Pebbles" on Taiwan in 1965. Andrew Headland Jr./Stars and Stripes
Check out this fun article about "CANDY" during the filming of "The Sand Pebbles"
 from Stars & Stripes Newspaper circa 1966

There is a classic chic way about Candice Bergen. Looking at these old pictures of her I can't help but think of how "In Style" she would be now, at this very moment. I think because what she's wearing doesn't own her. Her hair and make up are understated, letting her radiance and personality shine through. Sure, she had her share of over-sized blazers with elbow pads during her Murphy Brown days...but her personal style is all class, no fuss and she is luminous.

.... Although her father, Edgar Bergen, personally lobbied his friend Walt Disney on her behalf, she wasn't hired/ Film& TV Actor, Model; Daughter of famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen &Model Frances Westerman Bergen /Candice Bergen - married Film Producer, Louis Malle - Sep 9, 2012 - Chloe Malle is the twenty-six-year-old daughter of Candice B.& L.Malle, making a name for herself now as the Social Editor at Vogue magazine.

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Candice Bergen by Michael Mauney, 1967.
whatgoesaroundnyc:  Kimono love, 1970s Vogue.

Candice Bergen in 1979 at home
Yup, she's one cool chic who has aged gracefully; for the past few decades, she wears simple, timeless age complimentary clothing, letting her intelligence, wit and charm be the mark of her true style. (The old adage, "Her clothes don't wear her, she wears her clothes"). Her sophistication and grace are something to aspire to, no matter what our age. 
"Self-acceptance has been a blessed by-product of middle age." ~  Candice Bergen
Candace Bergen @66   I loved her as a young sophisticate with breath-taking beauty, I loved her as Murphy Brown with side-splitting wit, and I loved her as Shirley Schmidt on Boston Legal, when she was the wisest character in the bunch.
(I think she likes the gold+coral statement earring and black top combo ;)
I do, too. 

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