Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Last Call! {The Container Store Giveaway}

Day 190: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. -William Morris

Commona My House is 2 (that may be middle age in blog years),  and so, we're celebrating! Thank you to those of you who have supported me here in this little corner of the blogosphere. And as a special show of appreciation, I've teamed up with THE CONTAINER STORE for a pretty amazing giveaway!!!

One winner will be given a $200 Gift Card to hit The Container Store... HARD!!! 
Enter below and come back each day for more entries. I'm sharing my favorite Container Store finds below!


I was lucky enough to be invited to The Container Store's Grand Opening here in Salt Lake City, but wasn't lucky enough to be in town over the Grand Opening Weekend...but I WAS able to go and visit a couple of weeks ago and can not believe how awesome their selection and prices were. It all came flooding back to me why TCS was my favorite store in San Diego when we used to live out in Southern California. 
My friend Jess and I had a tough time deciding on things and wanted just about one of everything...why??? Because it was all so chic and USEFUL!!!
Here are some of my favorite finds, because SOMEONE IS GOING TO WIN THAT $200 Gift Card and may not know where to start ;)

1. Artisan Wood & Glass Storage Canisters
Artisan Glass Canisters with Oak Lids

2. Acrylic Trays and Organizers
They have a HUGE selection of Acrylic items. Trays, canisters, organizers, These are priced incredibly low and are THE PERFECT little something for Office, Bath, Vanity & actually, anywhere style and function are needed.
Acrylic Trays
3. Supersized Jewelry Stackers 
Because you have all that awesome jewelry and it's all jumbled in a ball on your dresser, Girl.
4. The 2014 Box
Use it for Taxes. Get one per kid or one for the entire family. Voila, TIME CAPSULE.
Our 2014 Best Box
5. Cord Buddy
Because you could have a "To Die For" living room with cords everywhere and that's what people would notice....your cords. Corral them. 
Cord Buddy®

6. Gift Wrap Wonderland
Jess and I were walking down the gift wrap isle and were like "OOOOOH," and "AAAAHHH,," and "Look at this gold one" and "That Faux Bois one is so me,"....yes. we were that giddy. Because they were unique, cool and not breaking the budget.
Woodgrain Gift Wrap SheetsTartan Plaid Embossed Wrap
Buffalo Plaid Gift WrapLeopard Print Gift Wrap

What would you shop for with a Container Store gift card??!!!

Hope you keep coming over to be inspired in all things home, find a friend, and hang out often!


***This is a sponsored giveaway. The Container Store has provided the gift card, but this is not a sponsored post. All opinions, as always, are my own and uncompromising. I take great pride in being honest about product reviews, affiliations, collaborations and never 'sell out' in order to have paid content that I can't stand behind, here. I like The Container Store and think you will, too. And I like sharing giveaways.  That is all. 


  1. I adore your blog, friend! You're full of class and make me feel like I can incorporate your style into my own home. Keep it up!

  2. Don't change anything but keep being fabulous Amy, you have a wonderful blog! xoxo

  3. I've enjoyed keeping up with your blog. You have quite the eye for style and so much talent.

  4. I adore the container store, but even more I adore your blog! Congrats on the two year anniversary! I so look forward to (fingers crossed) seeing you at Alt in January.

  5. I love The Container Store. I would love to see how to put current color schemes together with what I've already got, also anything about updating a kitchen on the cheap. You're great! (Katie from Home & Garden Club)

  6. I love your blog and your über creative brain. BUT I especially love the woman behind it all. Happy Anniversary blog!

  7. $200 to the container store? That's a big deal. ��

  8. I love your blog! I would love to see more of your house and designs!