Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alt Summit 2015 {Mini-Party Submissions}

I went last January.
It was an incredible firehose of 
Social Media,
Creative Information, Inspiration and Stimulation.
However, I was not planning on attending this year.
And then....there was the opportunity to design and host a mini-party.

You regular readers know that one of my favorite phrases is "DREAMING IS FREE".

So I jumped.
I submitted a party idea...this one:
Downton Deco House Party.
Without getting into TOO many of the details:
Art Deco inspired English Country Estate Party.
Piano Bar and  Jazz.
Velvet Tufted Ottomans.
Deco Design Details: Floral Arrangements, Wall Paper, Rugs, atmosphere.
Make and Take mini-landscapes and portraits from our Gallery Wall.
Make and Take Jewelry and Headpieces from our Beads, Tassels and Feathers Station.
and many more Refined & Jazzy Surprises.
Downton and this Era are so my thing.
My Staple Gun and I are ready.

And I'm a team member on this submission (with my friend and collaborator on many projects, Briana from SDaMoT and MLH):
Alt Underground.
Without getting into TOO many of the details:
London Club Scene.
Alternative Bristish Rock Music and Dance Floor.
London-look Makeup & Photo Booths
"Food Truck" Eats
Club Marquee Lettering
Street Artistry
and so many awesome details...
Briana and I have discussed this idea for over a year now...
to throw this party would be sooooo EPIC.

Fingers are crossed.
And now we wait. 
Because to be a Hostess at Alt would be the experience of a lifetime for a gal
who lives off of this stuff.