Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday {Simple Craft: Washi Tape Note Pads}

I have a confession. 
I have a ton of washi tape. 
Like a lot. 
And I haven't really gotten into the craze of putting it on everything...
even though I've pinned a ton of washi craft ideas. 
The other day I just couldn't resist anymore. 
I had the cutest set from My Mind's Eye and decided to do a 5 minute craft.

I took a stack of notepads that had survived my move this summer.
I bought them at Walmart, 3 for 2.49 (you're wondering how I know that after all this time, well, the receipt was still in the bag ;) Convenient!

I'm not a measurer, so I eye-balled the tape and had a fun time creating different designs by layering the tape strips. After 5 minutes I was wishing that I'd bought more than 2 packs of notepads last June at Walmart.

These turned out better than I thought they would. It's a pretty easy for any age group. 

They'll make the perfect little gift with a cute pencil or pen, don't you think?

*this IS NOT a sponsored post, just so you know ;)


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  2. What a clever idea! I love the thought of classing up a plain jane notepad.