Monday, June 23, 2014

Windsor Chair {from Wrecked to Wonderful with Glidden Paint}

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Glidden® paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Glidden paint, all opinions are my own.

This tired, old Windsor Chair was pretty in need of a sprucing up, don't you think?
A fantasic example of an authentic Windsor Back Chair, the only thing holding it back from being fabulous was it’s awful, beat-up, beige paint job. Originally, I thought I would stain this chair, but I fell hard for a certain color of blue from Glidden® paint.  I loved the idea of a blue patina on this old chair and knew I could come close to the antique inspiration piece that I found in an old book that my Dad had kicking around.
Because you never want painted furniture to look gloppy, or thick, and because I didn’t want to have to sand all of the Windsor rungs on this baby, I decided to use Glidden paint DUO, which is a paint + primer in one.  DUO went on incredibly smooth.  I was able to let it sit overnight and then move on to the patina part of the finish the next day.

Glidden paint has a simplified palette. This means that they have the best of the best colors. At first when I thought about replicating a blue antique patina on this chair, I hesitated because I anticipated being overwhelmed by paint choices. (You know, you’ve been there, right? You end up narrowing your paint color choices down to your favorite top 6 choices and it becomes an excruciating process to see which slightly different color is THE ONE that you have to have). Well, Glidden paint has already narrowed and simplified their palette to only include the best color options. It was the most painless paint selection process I’ve ever had. No joke.
The two colors that I selected, that work incredibly well together are:

I started by using just a simple hand sanding block and sanded all of the chair’s surfaces.

After sanding, I took an old brush and dusted off all of the sanding dust. (I used an old brush so that I could get in between all of the rungs…if I had used a cloth I may not have been able to get down in between everything as well).

After sanding and dusting, then it was time for my favorite step…getting the paint on the brush (a clean brush, not the one I used to clean off the sanding dust).

Once I made sure that I had painted every nook and cranny with "Glidden paint "Deepest Aqua", I let the chair dry.
The next day I was ready for my distressed/patina coat of "Glidden paint "Totally Teal"".
Using a dry brush (with only a little bit of paint) I brushed each area and then quickly wiped off any excess paint with cheesecloth.

I seriously fell for this Glidden paint "Totally Teal" color.

And here is how it turned out!
From Wrecked to Wonderful!

The faux painted patina turned out to be exactly what I was going for.
Here is my Glidden paint DUO chair with the original inspiration antique book.

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