Monday, January 5, 2015

Downton Decor Club: Season 5 Episode 1 {"Getting on Like a House onFire" or "Awkward at the Party"}

Oh, Downton. I'm glad you're back.
Slight Spoiler alert!
If you haven't watched Episode 1, here you go!
Whoop! Tall, Dark and Handsome looks like he's Mary's +1.
Well, there's a lot of plot points that went on last night... who ARE lovers (Jimmy and Lady Anstrather, aka Duckface from "4 Weddings and a Funeral), who WILL be lovers (Mary and Tony), who AREN'T lovers but who may appear to be lovers (Tom and Miss Bunting / Edith and Drewe), higher learning (Daisy), fires (poor Drewe cleans up Edith's mess again), Jewel Thief revelations (Baxter) and even a Grecian Formula moment (Molesly). 

See, it's Duckface.
Charles And Duckface - four-weddings-and-a-funeral Photo

If you're a regular reader of the Downton Decor Club you know that I skirt the plot...and write for the most part about the decor, costumes...the real reason why I watch Downton....sure, I love the characters..but I really love what they're sitting on and wearing.

Let's hit it:
I loved Violets Chinoiserie Tea Cups.
Not an exact match, but you get the gist.

They are there every episode, but somehow the Fringe Lampshades and Tiffany Lamps seemed to be in like EVERY SHOT last night.

The Knoles Settee. Yup, the red high back/ high arm sofa has a name.

I really love checking out the colors in some of the private areas.
Cora's Blue Room.
A Dusty Aqua.
festoon aqua sherwin williams
Sherwin Williams: FESTOON AQUA
Sherwin Williams: AQUEDUCT

Mary's Jewel Toned Deep Tealish Green Room.
Benjamin Moore Dragonfly: color for the master bathroom?
Benjamin Moore "Dragonfly"
Paint Color Portfolio: Teal Living Rooms
Benjamin Moore "Dark Harbor"

Molesley's Subway Tile

via Fireclay Tile

Tom's Office
Maps, Antlers and Sconces, OH MY!
Very Restoration Hardware, don't you think?

Everything old is new again....
Did you notice that many of the ladies' garments were shades of blues, grays AND in the Pantone Color of the Year arena? 
PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2015 - Marsala 18-1438

Mauvy Spice Tones are everywhere in Downton. When I first saw that Pantone had chosen this color I died. I didn't see it's application in anything other than granny nail polish. But it has grown on me and I'm a believer after seeing it in full force in the Downton Costumes last night. I won't be painting my kitchen this color, but I am starting to see why it could be the dark horse in fashion and accessories this year. 
PANTONE Color Standards
for Creating with Marsala

GO and watch it again and see if you spy a few of these standouts!

Some of my favorite lines of the night:

"The nature of life is not permanent but flux". - Mr. Carson

"You sound like Mrs. Bennett".
-Lady Violet to Lady Shackleton (anyone notice it is the actress that played Mrs. Fanny Ferrars Dashwood from "Sense and Sensibility"?)
Until next week, 

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