Monday, August 31, 2015

Malachite Monday {Malachite in the Mainstream: Ken Fulk's Pottery Barn Debut}

Ken Fulk Collection

Ken Fulk makes a splash with his classic Americana elegance, adding a much needed punch of stye to Pottery Barn this Fall. I was not surprised to see a big hit of malachite present in Ken's timeless collection.  Unfortunately, none of the malachite decor items are available at Pottery Barn, which leads me to think that Ken is a legit malachite lover who used his own home and malachite collection to enhance the Pottery Barn offerings. It just goes to show that it works with any style. I am hoping that this is just a first installment for this partnership and that they may release some malachite decor items in a Fulk Christmas Collection!!! Fingers crossed!

Ken Fulk Keyhole Extra Wide Dresser

Ken Fulk Cast Giraffe Bust


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