Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vintage Style Collaboration with Canary Jane and Maeberry Vintage{Halloween for Fashion Lovers}

Ok, I really stepped out of my comfort zone for this one, friends. 
But when I was approached to participate in a fun, vintage, "fashion through the ages" photoshoot collaboration organized by Canary Jane, I thought, WHY NOT?! Especially with Halloween coming up! I thought it would be fun to find a Betty Draper sort of late '50's House Wife/ Cocktail party dress to style up for a costume. I hardly ever wear makeup let alone red lipstick and false eyelashes, but it was fun to step back in time and get dolled up.

If you've never been to MAEBERRY VINTAGE, lets just say it is on my list of favorite vintage stops in Salt Lake City. Pop in and say 'hello' to Rachel, owner of MAEBERRY VINTAGE and check out her amazing collection of vintage goodies.  I love stopping in to see what treasures I can find there. In fact, its right near my favorite vintage furniture store, THE GREEN ANT. You can see that we stopped in to The Green Ant in some of the pictures below.  

1950's Silk Shirt Dress: Maeberry Vintage
Earrings: Maeberry Vintage

Shoes and other jewelry: my own

Other Model/Bloggers clothing: Maeberry Vintage

My makeup: Catie Yocum
My hair: Catie Yocum

Print by Canary Jane Etsy Shop {10% off w/ code ‘Maeberry’}
Shoot Organized by Natashia of Canary Jane

40s blogger: Syna Harris
50s blogger: me 

60s blogger: Cecilia Harvard

70s blogger: Natashia McLean

80s blogger: Sarah Tripp 

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