Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Client Project {MS Kitchen Renovation}

This client has existing backsplash, granite counters and cabinetry but is looking for a refresh.  We will add new faces and paint cabinets and drawers, reface and add color to the kitchen island, remove existing (non-functional work space) and replace with double oven, microwave wall, change hardware and light fixtures.  Additionally, they will be refinishing their existing hardwood Hickory Honey colored floors to an updated, non yellowish finish.

Here are design pictures that are serving as our inspiration point for this remodel.
She is drawn to what I call "New Traditional". Updated colors and finishes but with Traditional style elements.

White Cabinetry: Sherwin Williams "Alabaster".
Kitchen Island: She would like to go a bit more gray than blue, so we are zeroing in on Sherwin Williams "Storm Cloud"
Her existing wall color is a soft beige as in these inspiration pics. The wall color will remain existing in the space.

Lighting and hardware in updated yet Traditional/Farmhouse Industrial Style in Nickle or  Chrome.

Traditional Kitchen by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects

The end result will be a bit darker than the above inspiration pictures due to the client's existing wall color, darker granite and backsplash. But a face lift incorporating lighter cabinetry that compliments the existing elements will lift this kitchen out of it's nondescript, sort of non-styled, honey-toned monochrome existence into a warm, light family hub.

Traditional Kitchen by Naples Cabinets & Cabinetry Design Studio by Raymond

I'll be updating with Lighting, Hardware and flooring details as the project progresses.
Happy Renovating!


  1. Keep your Web page alive for a while....I have to do this in about 3 months from nom. It look fantastic !!! I will make one. Thank you very very much for sharing to people.
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  2. I am at a loss for words to describe these very beautiful inspirational pictures. The client will definitely like the end result. While I understand why the client may want grey instead of blue, I still feel blue would have been better for her kitchen. I wish she would let the refurbishment be done exactly as it appears in the pictures. They are just so beautiful.

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

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