Friday, January 11, 2013

Freebie Friday: Quatrefoil'd!!! Stencil Patterns and Printable.

I'm a big fan of historic, bold, geometric patterns, as you know from learning about the GREEK KEY pattern post back in December. Quatrefoil is another one of my favorites.  It can fit into any design aesthetic.  Vintage, Modern, Traditional, Rustic...there are so many ways that you can use it that it is what I'd called in my own terms "a design universal" other words, something that works for anyone based on how you use it. Some like it bold, making a statement. But it can easily be used as a background pattern, working well with other patterns and designs.

It is a historic pattern, chiefly Gothic (beginning in the 12th Century) and Renaissance (beginning in the 14th Century), found throughout art, architecture, stained glass, heraldry and textiles.

Wikipedia sums it up: "In art, architecture and traditional Christian symbolism, the quatrefoil is a type of decorative framework consisting of a symmetrical shape which forms the overall outline of four partially overlapping circles of the same diameter. The word quatrefoil means "four leaves", from Latin quattuor, four, plus folium, a leaf.[1]) and applies to general four-lobed shapes in various contexts."

quatrefoil stenciled walls
Quatrefoil rug
quatrefoil stencil painted rug or mat
Quatrefoil stencil dresser
quatrefoil stencil gives an old dresser some flair
quatrefoil Stenciled Coasters
quatrefoil stencil used on back of bookcase 
nice stenciled table!
quatrefoil stenciled table
quatrefoil Stencil painted placemats on canvas.
Check out the tutorial, click here!
quatrefoil Stenciled platter as wall hanging
quatrefoil stencil used instead of fabric cushion on bench
quatrefoil Stenciled bench for cute tootsies!
So take your are two quatrefoil patterns to choose from depending on the scale of pattern that you'd like to work with!
This is a smaller scale Quatrefoil Stencil from TaterTots and Jello.
 Print this out on cardstock, and cut  with an  X-acto knife.
This is the large scale Quatrefoil Stencil.  Print on Cardstock and cut to have fabulousness.
From Jones Design Co.
Jones and Co. has a great tutorial to get you thinking about a large scale project.

more painting around closet doors
Jones Design Co. tutorial

But even if you're not inspired (yet) for a quatrefoil DIY, here is a little quatrefoil Valentine's Printable for you today!!!

P.S> I had to include this...
House of Smiths quatrefoil pantry wall.
She didn't use a stencil for this, but rather vinyl... you can get the vinyl sheets she used here for sale on her site, if your DIY capabilities are not in the mood for stenciling and don't mind paying $.
Or maybe you have a vinyl cutter at home?

Either way I hope this has you thinking of adding your own touch to something this weekend!

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