Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 6 {Saved Our Bacon}

I really loved Downton this week.

Maybe it's because Mr. Blake is growing on me. He may be growing on Mary as well. Maybe it's because I loved this actor, Julian Ovenden as Val in The Forsythe Saga...but I think he'll be around for a while here on Downton. To read an interview with Julian about Downton, as well as the pig scene, click here.

Last night was all about pigs , a nurse who talks as much as a drunken vicar and politics in Ripon.

But don't go thinking I was preoccupe' (as Rosamund says to Edith), I paid attention and made
a few observations that were in the background this week:

I loved to see the change in clothing...it has been evolving all season, but the 1920's free style, no more fussy dresses, modern day wear on Cora was fabulous this time around. I also loved seeing the Earl's striped tie. This is so now...so Anthropologie. Interesting how it all comes around again.

Have I mentioned yet that I think Gregson is a spy? Not sure which side. At this time in British history, there were several covert spy rings among upper class and even titled families. There were even folks (and maybe an American President, that believed the Prince of Wales was involved with the Germans).  (If you are into Hugh Bonneville, check out Glorious 39. It takes place later than the time period of Downton, but on the eve of WWII). 

Poor, Poor, Edith. She can't catch a break can she? But what a brave woman she has become.

Speaking of Edith, when she had the conversation with Cora about Greggson (watch this scene here) and heading up to London AGAIN, did you catch the ottoman she was sitting on?
An  X-Base Stool

We were shown a few bed chambers this week. What I noticed in both Mary's and Violet's rooms were their lovely vanitys. I think I have to figure out a way to have one.

Hayworth Mirror & Vanity - Silver

I thought that the writing this week was fabulous. There were really excellent dialogues going on and some memorable one liners:

"I'm quite a plotter: it's a skill all women must learn", Isobel.
"This nurse talks too much she's like a drunken vicar", Violet regarding Isobel.
"I refuse to be shocked", Aunt Rosamund to Edith.
"You've completely saved our bacon, literally", Mary to Mr. Blake.
"Aunts are for disloyal falsehoods, where parents are concerned", Aunt Rosamund.

Next week should be EPIC. Bates knows about Mr. Green AND the Americans are coming!
What was your favorite quote or most crushing moment from this week's episode?

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