Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Downton Abbey, Season 4, Episode 7 {How Bazaar }

This latest episode was my favorite this season.
Although there are some holes in some of the plots, the character growth and dialogue keep me wanting more each week.  I wish there had been another hour tacked on to this weeks episode.

As always, I saw so many things in the sets this week.
Every week I love to see the downstairs kitchen area. I've talked about copper, backsplashes, gray paint, sconces and antlers before. The sconces and antlers had me again this week.
Stag Antler Shield

What did you think about Mr. Molesly and Ms. Baxter? 
I may refer to them as "Fun and Funner" from here on out. 

Other stand outs for me this week are things that have been there all along, but have been showing up more often in design circles lately:


Red is the COMEBACK KID in Interior Design this year. Banished during the Greige Years...Red is back with a splash. Hmm, sort of like Lady Mary, herself. Not all of us have a Drawing Room, but bringing in the color red anywhere in your interiors adds a bit of bold drama and life to your space.

handpainted wallpaper in a home office
Aubusson Pillows

Aubusson tapestry and needlepoint pillows are seen throughout Downton.
Whether your taste runs traditional or contemporary, there is a needlepoint for you...don't believe me? Check out the ones I've selected below.

Aubusson Tapestry/Needlepoint Pillows:

Multi Color Design Aubusson Pillow (cream)

Aubusson Antique Urn
Contemporary Needlepoint Pillows
Edgy Crewelwork Pillow - Blue
Chevron Embroidered Lumbar Pillow Cover

Lessons learned from Downton this week:

Never have a permanent sword of Damocles hanging over your head ~ Violet
Don't believe in types. Believe in people ~ Tom
There won't be too many people in this life that you love ~ Mr. Mason
"All life is a series of problems that we must solve until we die, 
why don't you get us an ice cream", ~ Violet.
Every farewell to love should involve a parting gift basket with pickles and cider.

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  1. I love Downton too! :) I thought Violet's quote was awesome. "All life is a series of problems that we must solve until we die, why don't you get us an ice cream." Nice write up!