Friday, October 31, 2014

Fashion Friday: CMH Style Icon + One Cool Chic {Elizabeth Montgomery}

When I was a kid, I used to hear that I looked like Elizabeth Montgomery ALL THE TIME. I knew who she was, because, of course, BEWITCHED was one of my favorite shows. 
But there's style and class behind the nose wiggling talents of Montgomery.
Following trends of each decade from the '50s-70's, she exuded timeless class and warmth by keeping her hair and makeup simple with focus on her eyes. She may have had the best on-screen wardrobe of the day, but what you remember most is her glow and warmth. Style, to me, isn't just about what you wear...but what you exude. 

What better day than Halloween to take a look at her style.
CMH Style Icon and One Cool Chic, Elizabeth Montgomery.

Elizabeth Montgomery, actor, women's rights supporter, gay rights supporter and twitchy nosed lady


Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery - most beautiful witch (Bewitched's Sammantha) ever!!!
Happy Halloween!
Don't forget...

witches are people too!!

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