Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mourning Downton Book & Movie Club: Mr. Selfridge Episode 6: Chinoiserie and Cloisonne Enamelware

I LOVED all of the Chinoiserie elements that we saw in this week's Episode.
Mr. LeClair's vest and tie were PURE Chinoiserie, as were the Cloisonne enamel ware table lamp and ash tray that we saw in Rose and Harry's sitting room.

(and isn't this picture of Miss Towler and Mr. Leclaire adorable?)

Cloisonne Enamel ware:
Cloisonne (pronounced "cloy-so-nay"). 

I love Cloisonne, it is an extension of the greater Chinoiserie movement, I blogged about it back in March...check out my Chinoiserie 101 post!
I wonder what we'll see at Selfridge's next week??!!

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