Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Christmas in August!

I am beyond excited to share with you,


Yes, originally this was supposed to happen in July...and be CHRISTMAS IN JULY. But we moved in July and had a domino of to-do's to get to around the house, with kids registering for school, with damages to our posessions during the move, that's another post. 
SO I'm so happy to say that it's CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST! I've partnered with 3 fantastic businesses and we'll be sharing 3 gifts- I'm impatient and I couldn't hold out until December to share these with you!
Check back each day to enter 3 Give Aways that will be happening here at COMMONA-MY HOUSE starting tomorrow and continuing through the end of the month!! {more details to follow tomorrow's first Give Away post}. If you were a reader here last December, it will be similar to my 12 Days of Christmas Posts and Give Aways!
But here is a little tidbit to get you excited: these 3 prizes are some of my favorite things...and they are all ON TREND with what is going on in design these days! Seriously can't wait to share!

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