Friday, August 23, 2013

Succulent Glossary, Idea Roundup and GIVE AWAY!


I've always had a thing for succulents. My Mom has a green-thumb and she'd always have them growing in her rock garden. Various strange types of succulents would peek out from between stone wall holes and out of the terracotta strawberry pots she had on our back patio. Apparently, Mom was before her time, because succulents are HUGE, like everywhere you look these days (for more about Succulents and their care visit this great site dedicated to them, Succulents and Sunshine). 

When we lived in Southern California I had several succulent varieties, one which my kids referred to as THE MARTIAN PLANT. It was pretty weird, but I LOVED IT, and nurtured it, and shared it's leaves, stems and stalks with friends so that they too, could have their very own strange, Martian and super cool Succulent. It grew to be almost 6 feet tall. 

I've had them in and out of every home we've lived in and can't get enough of them. They are extremely easy to tend, drought tollerant and architectural.  

So for the 2nd "CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST" Give Away I thought it would be fun to run through some of my favorite Succulent Varieties, share a few planting and decor ideas and then GIVE SOME AWAY! What?? YES!!!


aeonium zwawrtkopf succulent variety - great contrast
Aeonium "Zwartkop" {or my "Martian Plant"}
Lots of compact hen and chick succulent varieties
Compact "Hens and Chicks", Echeveria

Cabbage Echeveria variety name chart, I LOVE the "WHITE KNIGHT" 
Kalanchoe Thrysiflora 'Flapjacks'
"Flap Jacks" 

Variety of Sedum which takes on a shrub shape, budding

One of the many varieties of Sedum blooming

"String of Pearls" Succulent
Donkey's Tail Succulent
"Burro's Tail" or "Donkey's Tail" Sedum Succulent
Aloe--Inhibits infections and promotes healing of minor burns and wounds.
"Aloe" plant
Starfish succulents- how cool are these?
"Starfish" Succulents
Jade Plant Remodelista
"Jade" plant


-You can propegate succulents.
Propagating Succulents from Leaves
Propegating Succulents Info from SUCCULENTS AND SUNSHINE

More succulents...pair with driftwood, something orange= centerpieces!?
Succulent arrangement in Mason Jar
Succulent laden stone steps
Succulent laden stone steps
Succulent Wreath Secret Garden
Succulent Wreath
This would make an adorable housewarming gift.
Mini Succulents planted in "M" Monogram Planter
Succulents as Gifts
Succulent arrangement in a flat
Inspiration: succulents & driftwood | Design: Jean Liu | lark & linen
Succulent array in driftwood

The Give Away:

For years I've been planting succulents and giving them as gifts to friends. Funny story, I had sold our house in Tulsa, was checked out of our hotel room and was using the trunk of my car as my 'potting shed' to plant succulents to give to a few people on my way out of town as we moved, sort of to say, 'thanks for helping me grow'. I don't know why, but I love giving them - a bit more staying power than a chocolate chip cookie.
So when it came to "CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST" I wanted to give away some succulents, to share one of my favs with all of you, but also to say "thanks for helping me grow". But, I have readers who aren't necessarily living down my street....actually, I have readers everywhere around the world!! {I know! CRAZY, right?!}
So, I have researched and researched and dug and found THE ABSOLUTE BEST FAUX SUCCULENTS EVER MADE. That's right...they're faux...fakety fake....not real....not in need of watering...not killable. HA! And they are FABULOUS!

One lucky winner will receive a selection of faux succulents from

To see more of these AMAZING Faux Succulents, pop over to Afloral to see their selection!
And don't forget to enter the first "Christmas in August" Give Away...the Anchor's Away Bracelet!!! 

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  1. I like them a lot, especially hens and chicks. Tried to grow some, now I like to stick to faux. They look so real!

  2. I'm a succulent newbie, but I love how hard they are to kill!! Great post!

  3. I need to get my hands on some succulents!! They're gorgeous! And the fact that they are hard to kill is a big plus for me!!

  4. I've never been able to keep one alive. No matter how much I ignore them. :( So, I guess I'm the perfect candidate for faux. :)

  5. I love succulents! My mother in law gave me hens and chicks and its grown from there. I now have a bunch and sedums too. Some move into my classroom during the winter because of our mid-Missouri weather but others can stay outside and they make me happy year after year. I'd love the faux ones for my students to draw!