Tuesday, February 4, 2014

House Guests: Tricia and Erin in the Suburbs


Meet Tricia and Erin. They aren't just any blogging DIYers... they are serious bitches, Suburban Bitches, that is.  I say that as a complement. They are the gals you'd want to hang out with if they lived in your neighborhood. Motivated by their love for transforming their suburban, cookie-cutter houses into homes with character and class, they became Suburban Bitches. Their blog shares amazing ideas for DIY projects that have a high end look within budget. They've been featured on West Elm's FRONT & MAIN and APARTMENT THERAPY, among others. 
I was lucky enough to meet them at Alt Summit...quickly becoming friends on the first night with Tricia when we realized how much we had in common (Military Academy husbands, many moves, love of classic and chic design). Tricia then introduced me to Erin and I have to say, these ladies are so incredibly warm, gracious and UBER-talented. 

One of my favorite things that I love about their blog is that they have 
two distinct voices and very distinct styles. 

Erin's Herringbone Backsplash

Tricia's Kitchen
Both are equally fabulous and inspiring.

Here are some of Suburban Bitches most popular posts

I know you will fall for their fabulous-ness. You'll be hearing their names a lot around here in 2014...they are one of my favorite 'new to me' blogs!



  1. Love the pics! I especially thought the colorful profile pictures were neat! Thanks for introducing them to me! Have a great day!

    Find me here:
    Laura Muir

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by and seeing what Tricia and Erin are all about! XO!

  2. I will have to check out their blog. It looks like they have some interesting posts. Love that herringbone back splash! Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

    1. They are amazing, Kathleen. They have really different taste so it is cool to see how each of them approach different projects. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Replies
    1. Aren't they!? I love finding new blogs to stalk! They are just as cool in real life as on their blog, too. Fun to see different ideas. I'll be teaming up with them on something BIG coming soon! Thanks for stopping in and checking them out! XO!

  4. Thanks for featuring us Amy! We loved meeting you at Alt and can't wait to get busy bring creative new ideas to life with you!
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches

    1. Your welcome, Tricia! It was my pleasure! I knew my readers would love to learn about what you and Erin are sharing on your blog! Can't wait to collaborate on our BIG ideas this year! XXXOOO!