Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Freebie Week {LOVE ME LIKE A SONG}

I'm sort of a music lover. 
Music is a part of me. So much that I usually always have a song going on in my head...especially while I write and blog. That being said, most of my freebie printables that I share here at Commona My House (which is another song, by the way)... are song lyrics. So this Valentine Week I will be sharing a free printable each day. They'll be some of my favorite love songs in all different genres.
Come back each day to see what the song of the day is. It may be one that you know and may be new to you.

Use these printables as cards, tags, frame them, put them on the fridge...use them!

Day #1:
 "Love Me Like a Song" 
by Kimmie Rhodes & Willie Nelson
tip: This would be the perfect card to give along with an iTunes gift card! 

There are a few different versions of this song out there. 
I heard the version years ago where the "all NIGHT long" was "all LIFE long" 
and that is my favorite version of the song.

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{P.S. When/If you print this LOVE ME LIKE A SONG printable out, make sure that you click the box when it says "FIT TO SIZE"...otherwise, you may lose some of the lyrics and it won't print correctly.}

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