Thursday, May 29, 2014

Contemporary Art Roundup Volume III {Hillary Butler + Incorporating Art in Small Sizes}

This week I've been sharing my love and appreciation for Contemporary Art.
If you've missed my previous posts hop on these links to catch up ;)

Today, I am so excited to share with you 

Memphis, TN artist, Hillary Butler.

Image of "Lakehouse"  {12" x12"}
"Lakehouse" by Hillary Butler, 12"x12", $95
Hillary's oil paintings are fresh, colorful, abstract representational landscapes. 
I fell in love with Hillary's style because the sort of free-flowing, airy vibe that her brushstrokes create feels like wind-blowing movement. Her paintings transform the space that they inhabit, bringing joy and light with them. She has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and is represented 
by Agora Gallery, NY. Like the other artists I featured in Volume I, Hillary sells her own art directly to you in her Big Cartel online shop and her Etsy Shop.

Image of Better Homes and Gardens Style Spotter features "Great Plain"  { 24" x 30" }
"Great Plain" by Hillary Butler
as seen in Better Homes and Gardens, Erin Souder: Adding Abstract Art
Hillary's paintings easily add an updated, fresh pop of color and character to any room, especially serving as a bridge/transition in a Traditional space, as seen in the "Style Spotters" feature from Better Homes and Gardens.

Hillary offers custom, large scale works at very reasonable price points, but what I truly love is that she offers custom sizing and smaller scale paintings, 12"x12" and 6"x6" gallery wrapped canvas {Hillary says that the smaller paintings serve a sort of sample or vision for larger 
commissioned pieces}. 

Image of NEW! "Caught in a Daydream" 12" x 12"
"Caught in a Daydream" by Hillary Butler, 12"x12", $95
I really appreciate the smaller scale paintings. Sometimes homes, due to built-ins or other architectural features can't handle a lot of wall hanging pieces. Or, if you are like me, you maybe have so many paintings and pictures that you just don't know where to use them in more creative ways when you don't have a lot of wall space to play with.
Hillary has a recent blog post and article/interview discussing her tips and advice on how to get started on building and styling an art collection.  I love the idea of incorporating smaller scale, brightly colored abstract works like Hillary's into WALL GALLERY COMPOSITIONS as well as leaning and layering them in BOOKSHELVES and MANTLES. 
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Hillary, you can follow her by visiting her blog here
and by visiting her Online Shops with Big Cartel and Etsy.
**I'd like to thank Hillary for being so gracious about allowing me to share her photographs of her exquisite art, which is so inspirational to me. 

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