Thursday, December 4, 2014

Year of Change Bedroom Refresh {Source List}

Last month my YEAR OF CHANGE DESIGNER CHALLENGE headed to the bedroom... as promised, here is my list of sources for my bedroom updates!

I approached this month's challenge from the perspective that simply taking away, changing out, and adding a few different accessories can freshen up your you the change you want for a small amount of money.  
For several years, I have had porcelain blue and white bedding, and although soft and pretty, it was sort of feeling tired and bland.  I wanted a predominantly white bed with pops of bohemian blues, golds, creams and grays. The key for me was to keep it textural and comfortable. I wanted sophisticated and chic but not fancy and formal.

I started with my own white sheets, (stitching on a gray Greek Key trim to the top sheet), added several pillows (purchasing the ones that I loved and then playing with them to see which would actually work together), moved a rug from another room and finished with my bedside table.
I would have LOVED to plank the walls, add bamboo blinds and a handful of other little details.
The word FRESH is in the word REFRESH...I wanted a refreshing, relaxing room.
Here is my CASUAL BOHO CHIC Bedroom Refresh.

 The fun part was playing with the pillows that I had selected.

and this is the final pillow decision...although difficult to edit out a John Robshaw pillow, less was more for me.

Matches for items that I had already owned:

If there is anything in the pictures that I haven't sourced, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email!

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