Sunday, April 26, 2015

Art Inspiration {April}

I've been working on an exceptional project. The City Creek Downtown Project is a fabulous condo with breathtaking views of Salt Lake City. There are several construction, furnishing and landscaping components to this project...yes, a city condo with landscaping because, wait for it.....
THERE IS A ROOFTOP GARDEN SPACE that is currently empty, but has existing drip lines for green space. All of these many layers have kept me quite busy, making sure that every detail in the design and functionality of the space has been considered. 

One of my favorite layers is the Wall Art component.
My client's favorite colors are pink and green. She has chosen a palette predominantly of soft, spa gray/blue/greens with a touch of pink here and there. I've suggested that we include the pink in fabrics, accessories and of course, contemporary art.

I immediately imagined a sort of de Kooning piece...abstract, painterly, colorful, cheerful.
Something that would be fresh and light and keep the space from feeling heavy and too Traditional. 
"Rosy Fingered Dawn at Loose Point"
Willem deKooning

Now, obviously, I can't suggest a de Kooning to my client. So I've rounded up my pics for Artists that either have paintings that I'd select, or Artists that will do a custom piece in the vein of the feel and color scheme that we invision. 

Here are some of my "Hot List" suggestions for Artists who create 
Custom Contemporary Art with a Touch or more, of Pink. 
Jenny Prinn
Image of NEW Laura Canvas Print
Michelle Armas

Christina Baker
Flood .  giclee art print available in all sizes
Clare Elsaesser
Teresa Murdza

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