Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Ten {4.14.15}

People and Places I found in Portland!
I'll be sharing more of my Spring Break Fun and House Hunting in a later post, but here is a quick round up of some Portland Coolness for you.

* I met up with Jill from The Forever Cottage for Breakfast at Petite Provence (see below). 
I've admired Jill's blog and her work for a few years now and it was so much fun to get to know one another in person over a yummy French Breakfast. 
via Jill Hinson Interiors

Um, so I like the shopping in NW Nob Hill. SOOOOOO my style. I'll be hitting them up for inspiration and maybe a coaster or two. This sunny, eclectic, fabulous shop had a wonderful selection of unique decor and some great coffee table and design books. Totally Dreamy. 
And now I'm happily following them on Instagram where they go by fineandcurious. 

*Petite Provence is a cute little cafe. 
There are several in the Portland Area, I hit Petite Provence Almeda for Breakfast with Jill (see above). We both ordered the Creme Brule' Oatmeal (we have quite a few things in common...great taste being one). It was so good that I'll be attempting to make my own at home someday soon. I also took the kids back for dinner one night because of how easy it was to hop in and out of this lovely little cafe. Great kid options for dinner and dinner plates starting at $6.99. My 13 year old daughter ordered Salmon (that was "dressed to perfection"...she's funny), and I had an excellent Duck Sausage Cassoulet. The kids selected their desserts from the pastry case and it was a no fuss, yet excellent dinner choice. I'd also recommend the beet and blue salad which was the perfect portion size. 
My favorite 'old school' lighting and design store.
The Holy Crusade for Home Bloggers. If ever in Portland, you must go.
If not, peek at the Tour they've shared here.  I loved their displays. Clean, unfussy aesthetic. So creatively cool. 


I've been working with a client who is purchasing Fermob Chairs. It was so much fun to see them, sit in them, get a good feel for the scale and colors while visiting Digs Inside & Out on Almeda. Incredibly fun and creative gardening meets high style. 

Fjord Blue Finish: Matte

The coolest (and most discovered, actually) strangely fabulous ice cream shop. I love the Pear & Blue Cheese Ice Cream, for real. And my kiddos love the Ooey Gooey Brownie and Cow Patty. Flavors change depending on location. We frequented the Alberta and NW locations. You can order online here. 

The Hipster Slow Lifestyle Magazine Extraordinaire. Based in Portland and Denmark, Kinfolk is the height of cool. I'll be watching their JOBS section for the fun of it. 
via Kinfolk

On SE Grand, surrounded by  super cool shopping and eating choices. Curated Vintage Shopping Heaven. Open Daily. I'll be here A LOT. SOOOOOO COOL. Would be a dream to have a shop in here.

Gushed about in Epicurious, Food & Wine, NPR, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune...the list goes on!   We went to the phenomenon that is Pok Pok (South East Asian - Mostly Vietnamese and Thai) and it was excellent. We had a 45 minute wait to sit at a Picnic Table under a Tent. We all ordered different entrees and shared, and ordered the wings, one order of hot and one regular. They were gone in 10 min. 
Portland Monthly shared a DIY Pok Pok Wing Recipe. I'll be giving it a shot this weekend...you may want to, too!

In my favorite district The Pearl District...well, favorite District tied with NW. New and Used Book Flagship. The best people watching perch in the Pearl. So big, it covers an entire city block. Can't wait to go to readings and Author nights in the near future. Check it out (no pun intended). 

Totally Inspired.
XO Portland!!

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  1. What amazing places you discovered in just a week! I can't wait to hit up some of these spots with you. A reunion this summer, pretty please!