Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Malachite Monday {The Malachite Room at The Hermitage}

Some people think malachite is just a fad, a phase. 
But there is a history of malachite appreciation and its use in decor.  
Over the next few Mondays, I'll be sharing some of my favorite malachite antiques that are found in museums and historical places around the world.  

Last week we toured  The Malachite Room at Versailles which was full of malachite gifts from the Russian Tsar Alexander I.  So, it's no surprise that our second malachite museum installment takes us to St. Petersburg where they have their very own Malachite Room. 

Originally in The Winter Palace, now part of The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, The Malachite Room is renowned for its gold gilded ceilings and doors, and of course, it is named for its massive malachite pillars, urns and mantle.  Solid malachite from Ural mines steal the show in this magnificent room. 

Here's a way to get the Malachite and Gold look in a more understated way, than say, a Palace Receiving Room. Because, it's been a popular pairing for Centuries, yet still seems fresh today.

Malachite Monday {Malachite Plates SPLURGE OR STEAL}

Malachite Coasters. Buy coasters, mogpodge, and fabric at Joannes and tile from hardware store for half the price.

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Green Collections: Painted malachite side tables by Tony Duquette

Kirra Tate Tear Drop Malachite Open Hoop Earrings @LaylaGrayce

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