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Throwback Thursday {Audrey Room Reveal}

Here we are, knee deep in our new home's renovation and the subject has to be dealt rooms. We're picking out paint colors and light fixtures and incorporating A LOT of what we already have that will be coming out of storage in a couple of weeks. I thought it would be good to look back at one of my favorite details in my teen daughter's old room and see if we wanted to use it again in the new place. 


thursday, august 14, 2014


Several months back, I shared my E-Design for a client in Florida who requested "an airy, maybe pink, maybe orange, maybe purple, maybe white and gold, fun and quirky yet grown up, Audrey Hepburn sort of room" for her 14 year old. I interpreted this as "SUGAR, SPICE & KILIM".  It's light and breezy, bohemian yet elegant, and most importantly, still fun and not stuffy....because, after all, this room is for a teen girl, right?!

This Eclectic Teen Girl Room is one of the most popular rooms I've ever designed.  Meeting client expectations and having happy clients is what I shoot for, but I loved (fell hard for) this room, too. And it wasn't just popular with was a huge hit with Commona My House readers, with PB TEEN, who shared it on their Instagram account,  and guess what? It was something my 12 year old daughter went BANANAS over. 

So, now it's August and my daughter's 13th birthday is almost upon us. Her room was ready for some freshening up...the dusty yellow paint that we inherited when we moved in a year ago was showing its age...and age spots (there were lighter shades of pale all around the room, causing me to wonder if it had been touched up with a different shade of paint at some point or maybe some parts of the room had gotten 2 coats and maybe some hadn't).  It was time for an update, as even a maintenance issue. The yellow was pale, yet it made the room shrink. 

I didn't need very much convincing to jump on board with a modified SUGAR SPICE & KILIM plan for my daughter's room. New furniture was out of the question. Our budget was literally, thousands of dollars less than my E-Client's budget. In fact, I really didn't have a budget. Let's say, I wanted to only  spend under $50 and use/re-use/recycle what I already owned. I also thought that we could get the foundations of the room down and then add other elements (funky chair, brass bed) when the time is right in the future.

SO with paint and several DIYs we planned:


The pink paint color in the pictures varies depending on whether the chandelier is on or not. I didn't use filters in these pictures. I painted the window wall pink as seen here.

Remember that vintage mirror? Here it is in it's second life as a Chalkboard Headboard.

This "Sabrina" poster was a huge inspiration for the room. The gold backdrop, elegant Audrey, the touch of pink and black...yup, my daughter's favorite movie is "Sabrina" so we started here.

We had a crummy white stool from Target (bought for under $10 about 5 years ago). I'll be sharing how I transformed it from Crummy to Chic in a How To Post next Monday!

We'll be watching for a Brass Headboard (or look alike) in the future, but for now, the bed is complete with the Chalkboard Headboard and a hoard of pillows :)

Teen Girls have clutter. I've seen a few of these in Blogland and thought I'd give it a go!
I'll be sharing details on what and how this came to be on Monday, as well.

This fabulous gold Chanel quote was a special touch in the room
Made by my friend Lara at Hapagirl! scroll down to see how you can have one of your own!

I had this chandelier tucked away for several months. Given to me as payment, I was waiting for just right client to use it, and alas, it found its home here!

I couldn't do an AUDREY ROOM without sneaking in some Holly Golightly.

Yes, that is an imperfectly made bed. I asked the 12 year old to make it herself. She lives in this room.
She thought she did a good job, and I do too.  This isn't perfect. But I think it's perfectly imperfect :)

Yup, a real 12 year old girl lives here. Those are her not so perfect and quite well used ballet shoes. And that is an imperfectly made bed...I asked her to make it herself. This room isn't staged just for the photos, this is her real stuff. And that is my real life way of decorating. You should love what you have in your rooms. Don't just put "stuff" on a shelf...put things that mean something and speak to you. That's how I feel, anyway. Otherwise "stuff" is just "stuff". And that is hard to have your home feel like home if you're just surrounded by stuff that doesn't speak to you. Just sayin'.

If you'd like to see how I made the Chalkboard, go here.

Come back on Monday and I'll be sharing the tutorials for
the Audrey Shag Bench

the Metal Memory Board


and Styling Tips for Reusing What you Already Have.

Now, I couldn't share this today without including some lucky reader in some way!!!

I will be giving away a little AUDREY ROOM Prize Pack to one lucky reader next week.
The Prize Pack includes a few touches from around the room:

Chalkboard Labels, Gold Striped Notepad, Gold Foil Print from Hapagirl,
JCrew Jewelry Tray, Cents of Style Necklace and Earring Set.


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