Monday, February 11, 2013

Downton Season 3, Episode 6: Cricket, Scandal and Spring is in the Air

I was sooo glad that it was a 2 hour extravaganza last night.  So much going on. Some things I LOVED, some things were a bit much even for me, a Downton devote'. I'm not sure about the Rose plot line, but at least it is providing an avenue to finally feel like the Roaring '20's with her "Bright Young Thing" attitude and lifestyle.
Image: Downton Abbey

As usual, plot lines aside, there were a few things that stuck out to me in the background that were meaningful.  Let me just say that nothing in Downton is ever just THERE. Everything, I believe, is meticulously thought through and part of the overall tone of the episode. 
Therefore, I don't think it was just 'happenstance' that there was so much green(even in some of the costumes)  blooming, spring, summer...REBIRTH happening in this episode.
Spring is in the air. There were flowers in most of the house shots (Downton, Crawley, Dowager's, Rosamund's homes), several lush, outdoor shots of Bates and Anna, and the entire Cricketing Day, made for stunning visual backdrops. 

There is an undercurrent of REBIRTH going on here.

-Rebirth for Anna and Bates.
-Rebirth for Downton itself with the new plans that Matthew and Branson and now, Robert have in mind.
-Rebirth in a way for Robert...who may be coming out of his blue-blooded shell a bit and realizing that there is more to life than status and status quo.
Rebirth for the male relationships...Robert, Matthew and Branson...things have turned into a sort of Bromance on the Cricket Field...much nicer than when they were at odds.
-Rebirth for Ethel, so happy for her.
-Rebirth for Edith and her new "Mary Tyler Moore"..."She's going to make it after all" story line.
-Rebirth for Tom Branson...a new beginning as a Widower, but with a new passion for his position on the Estate
-Rebirth for Thomas, the scorned, turned martyr, turned redeemed under butler
-Rebirth of Violet in a way, taking in Rose and proving that she hasn't lost her touch...there was a spring in her step, even when she was taking Rose down..loved it.
-Rebirth for Matthew and Mary...all of their complications seem to be melting away paving the way for a lush, Spring time, love-fest and most likely baby making...thus a REBIRTH for the Crawley Dynasty.
Downton Abbey S3E6 Lord Grantham

Anna and Bates kiss

starting fresh...don't get that lead paint in your eye, Bates.

Downton Abbey S3E6 Lady Rose arrives

Crawleys at Christening

Downton Abbey S3E6 Tom Branson talks to Lord Grantham

downton abbey

Downton Abbey S3E6 Matthew and Mary happy

Couldn't we all use an early Spring??

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