Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My littles get new {new to them} twin beds! DIY Painted furniture

At the end of last summer I found this set of twin bed headboards for $40 each at a flea market.  They had been painted Aqua, but they were pretty banged up and not in an aged or distressed good peeling sort of way. My littles were ready for big girl beds, even if I wasn't ready for them to be.
I LOVE PAINTED FURNITURE...always have. My Grams used to paint furniture large or small, mostly in bright green if I recall things correctly. Maybe that is where my tendency to spruce something up with bold color comes from.  The painted furniture look is big out there right now. BUT PLEASE, nothing against Ethan Allen, Ballard, all these big companies that are coming out with painted furniture lines with through the roof prices..PLEASE don't spend thousands of dollars on painted furniture...DO IT YOURSELF!
I was pretty backed-up on projects, so I put it off and decided that new beds would make perfect Christmas gifts.  I found a good paint color match, and lucky me, I started looking in the spray paint section at Lowes and found a winner.  I went home, sanded lightly, and I sprayed. Can't get easier than that.

The project:
Ocean Breeze Spray Paint from KRYLON


The result:
My littlest girls share a room. It was gray, pink, aqua and yellow...sort of anything fun, goes. It's pretty girly. They both had white cribs. Until now.
Perfect for the space. The painting above the bed is hung pretty high, on purpose, so that it
doesn't get knocked down during pillow fights.
Aww, teddy is color coordinated, too, imagine that.
The blue really pops with the other gray and pink accents in the room.

And then, my 2 year old entered the room.
Can you tell which side is the 4 year old's and which side is the 2 year old's?

Both beds were made and not a thing was on the floor when I started taking pictures.
Then my 2 year old entered the room, and it blew up.
All of her favorites in her new bed.
This sums it all up.
Some other things that I've had for a couple of years in the room:

The painting that I purchased when I knew I was going to have another little girl. I love buying real art as a gift for a child, so that they'll have it when they grow up. Each of my girls have a Winborg Sisters print, purchased directly from the artists,  here.

I painted the lamp shade, added scalloped ribbon and a flower for a pop of  happy hot pink.
{If I ever repaint these again, I think they'd be the PERFECT Chalk Paint or Milk Paint Project. All of the detail in the headboards would be fun to destress. But for this look, it was perfect to get a glossy shiny coat of paint}.

 My sister and I shared a room while growing up {I won't discuss the broken window and the sock war episodes}and I think it's a special thing for sisters.  Take it from my Katie and little Miss Grace, these bright aqua beds help to make it a fun and happy place to be. 
P.S. I haven't added the framed {calendar} Vintage Barbie sketches to their rooms yet. I haven't found the right frames. But that is next on the TO DO list! ;)

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  1. I love the beds. They are perfect!! The headboards are amazing. Love the painting too.

    1. Thanks, Lauren. I need a better camera to take pics that will capture the colors and lighting better. But the painting was the inspiration for the colors in the room...really fun and happy. Thanks for popping in and posting ;)

  2. This room is inspiring, thank you! My girls will share a room someday too (as did I). The details are great :) Beautiful room! I love the idea to give art to your children (now to find the perfect pieces). And the before and after pictures of when the cute two-year-old entered the room are TRUE TO LIFE. It made me laugh (in a good way because I have a two year old myself). :) Love this!!

    1. Hi Auraleen! Thanks for the sweet comment, glad you liked the post and the room...yes, two year olds have a way of OWNING a room...it makes me happy that it is a special place for them. Thanks sooooo much for visiting the blog. Hope you come back often. <3

  3. i absolutely adore these headboards!! what a find..let alone one, but two of these. i love seeing all the touches in their room. i am in major house decor envy right now. things are a-brewing over here in the not-so fun fashion, but i really hope that we can be settled one day:) hope we can chat soon

  4. Who wouldn't love these new headboards? It's really pretty and it's perfect for their room too! "A little goes a long way" - It's really true and you proved that here! Congratulations to your daughters' new headboards. I'm sure that they absolutely loved it.

    Michael Green

  5. One of my favorite colors to use. This is fantastic! Please SHARE this cool post at my linky party if you haven’t already, hope you stop by every week and please add as many as you would like! I really appreciate your support and encouragement .

    Be Sweet~
    Christina at

  6. Love the combination between pink and blue !! Great choice !!


  7. I really love these adorable headboards Amy!! We just moved our boys into the same room and now need to make them some matching beds... I love how cute a shared room looks! Your girls' space is perfect!! Thank you so much for sharing this at the Fall Get Your DIY On Challenge: Blue Projects. We were so thrilled to have you!