Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Design Board: A Nursery Fit for a King

Oh, little baby Prince George!
Or I guess I should say, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.
I've been working on this post for a looooooong time, maybe for 6 months plus.
With the Prince's Christening and moving into his new digs at Kensington Palace on the horizon, I thought I'd share with you the nursery that I would create if it were up to me. {By the way, it was revealed that one of the Prince Georgie's God Mothers is an old friend of the Duchess' and SHE is a interior designer and is 'helping' with the Kensington Palace renovations including the, can I be her for a day?}.

Here is my take: this Royal family unit seems to be classic and respectful yet, buck a lot of the stuffy formal traditional, more extraneous fan fare. They are preppy. They are elegant, sophisticated yet seem to have clean and uncomplicated or fussy taste. They are trying to raise their son as a 'normal' kid with a 'normal' family dynamic. In the hectic Royal world that this little boy will be the epicenter of, his home and of course then, his nursery will need to be a place of comfort, calm and solace for him and for his Mum, I think, too.

Here is my


{fit for Kensington Palace or Grandma Carole's Country Hide-Out}

gray, beige, natural and neutral with white 
+ pops of tomato red 

          Hayes Glider from Serena and LilyTan Moroccan Leather Pouf
oh my goodness! this has adorable written all over it! Nursery Design by Serena & Lily
All above via Serena & Lily
{Bed frame is actually named "Cambridge Bed". HA!}

  Nursery rug - khaki/white

Fårskinnsfäll -

gorgeous built-in

Wall of Built in Book Shelves, lined with
Northern Hemishere RL Wallpaper

London, England, uk, united kingdom, british, union jack, union jack pouf, pouf seat, pillow. seating, the royal nursery

Babar en Avion Framed Art Print

vintage babar - skiing


In 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War, Claude Monet took up residence in England and painted this famous landscape of an English field of poppies. One of the English artists who influenced Monet's work was Joseph William Turner.
An imaginative gift from the Queen Great-Grandmother to hang in the Nursery
Monet's English Field of Poppies painting

Sky King Pedal Plane

Make A Little London
Make a Little London Pillow Set {multiple pillows}
And I'd wallpaper the closet and dressing area with this and put a fun 'dress up' trunk full of Safari Gear:

The Babar Prints are what I'm super attached to in this design. Um, and get it? King Babar? I selected prints depicting Babar doing activities that will most likely be part of his life...Flying? Skiing? Tennis anyone?

Also, the elephant theme, natural and safari paper is a nod to William's love for Africa and the fact that the Cambridge's were engaged in S. Africa.

I have to share this adorable picture from HELLO Magazine.
William seems to be doing things similar to his Mums, like low-key keeping things real sort of things. Here is a picture of Princes William and Harry in their's pretty 1980's Laura Ashley. Not over done. Actually probably incredibly similar to other British Nurseries at the time. Nothing over the top here. 

God Save the Queen
& The Prince of Wales
&The Duke of Cambridge
& little PG, no matter what his Nursery looks like!

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  1. Lovely, classic, and gender neutral design. I had forgotton about Babar!

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