Friday, October 4, 2013

Freebie Friday: Traveling Tickets for Kids

This weekend we're heading out to St. George, UT. 
St. George, UTAH
My husband will be running in the St. George Marathon, because he's:
a. a glutton for punishment.
b. always one to look for physical challenges and beat them into submission.
c. He's a Marine (I should have just said that in the first place).
I am seriously so proud of him. He has amazing perseverance and determination. He's regimented and dedicated about setting goals and achieving them. I am always motivated by his motivation.

So, that basically means that while he's preparing to run, running and recovering from running, 
I'll be wrangling the kids and trying to make it a super fun escape weekend for them because 
it's amazing down here!!

But because it's a road trip and I have two big ones (my teens) and two little ones (my pre-schoolers) I needed to plan a little extra something to try to motivate my littles to be on good, happy behavior.

I found these.
Every kid needs to be bribed, or as I like to say "have incentives".
These tickets are the perfect incentive for good behavior.
Travel Tickets for kids Printable page #backseat #behavior

"Oh, good job not whining about going potty again...
Here's a ticket."
"Why are you whining about going to the potty. I'm taking your ticket away."
"Lets go for a fun hike. You'll get a ticket when we get back to the car."
"Yay! How many tickets do you have? Cool. If you get to 10 you'll get to choose what you want to have for a family dinner one day next week!"

I don't bribe with candy, toys or other sort of entitled kid stuff. I bribe, {oops} I incentivize by giving the child a sort of honor in deciding something that we'd already be doing.
"Yay! You made it to 15 tickets?"
"You get to choose whether we'll go to the library or the park one day after school next week!
YAY! You are awesome!"

First off, has some great ideas for traveling with kids.
These tickets are the tip of the iceberg.
But it was simple enough for me to print cut and stuff in my purse for this quick weekend away!
Have a great weekend!


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