Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stir It Up: Dessert Fiesta!

Yesterday I shared with you my recipe for Churro Cupcakes that I made for my 3 year old's Birthday Fiesta. She's REALLY into Dora the Explorer. But she's my third girl...and I sort of couldn't bring myself to do a DORA themed party...so we had a low-key Dessert FIESTA instead! I made everything ahead of time except for the churro-tortillas that I made last minute so that they'd be warm. I put everything on my kitchen island and kept it pretty informal. No backdrop, dessert table fanciness here this time. Although, this would be a pretty great theme for a bigger- all out- party.  But this wasn't a kid's party where there were 3 year olds being dropped off and kid mayhem...this was a family party with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. So I kept it pretty tame and it was perfect! Just enough fun for kids and adults.

Mucho Chocolate Cake
Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas with Cinnamon Frosting Dip
Volcano Cookies: "Ruby Snap" Margo Cookies (Cinnamon, Chocolate, Mint filling)
Mexican Wedding Cookies
Fruit Platter
Mexican Hot Chocolate

Other touches:
Fake Mustaches {Found at Zurcher's Party Supply}
Unicorn or in Spanish...UNICORNIO Pinata filled with bouncy balls instead of candy {Zurcher's}
Sombreros and Sarrapes decorating the table
Brightly Colored Paper Fans
No annoying/cheesy Dora music or videos...instead I pulled up a Pandora "Spanish Guitar" channel. It was perfect.


Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas
Cut flour Tortillas into triangles or use a cookie cutter for fun shapes (like I did with the leaf cookie cutter tortilla shapes that I put on top of my Churro Cupcakes). Fry in Canola oil for a few seconds until the puff. Put 1/2 cup sugar and 3TBSP Cinnamon in a gallon size zip lock bag. Put the Tortilla puff into the bag and shake, coating the triangle puff with the cinnamon sugar mixture. Repeat until you have a made a ton...because they will go quickly! (Serve with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting that is used on my Churro Cupcakes). For this party, I used cute cupcake papers, put a dab of the Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting in the bottom of the cupcake paper cup and stuck a cinnamon sugar tortilla triangle into the frosting. The were super cute and that way, people aren't taking handfuls of the cinnamon sugar tortilla triangles...they are served one at a time. And are less messy that way.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

I served the hot cocoa in little espresso cups and put cute pink polka dot cupcake papers under the cups on the saucers. It was a fun touch :)

Hope you give some of these recipes a try!!! 
They were a HUGE hit from the 2 year old to the 90 year old at this fun party!

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