Monday, January 13, 2014

Downton Abbey Club: Season 4, Episode 2 "HOUSE PARTY"

There are a lot of cray things happening upstairs and downstairs this week.
Bum Wrists. Possible Heart Attack. Poker.  And something pretty major going on downstairs during the Dame's Debut at Downton. 
 That's as far as I'll get into some of the major plot points that happen, so if you haven't watched, don't worry, I'm not going to spoil too much for you....

But as much as I love Downton and treat it like my Super Bowl Sunday EVERY SUNDAY,  I couldn't help feeling like this was either a bad game of Clue (Lady Raven? Why not Mrs. Peacock and Col. Mustard?) or maybe this episode was just a little too close to Julian Fellowes other country estate party  hit "Gosford Park"...either way, I walked away wanting more from the episode. I felt like it was too much  of some things and not enough of others. 

I will, however, focus on the backdrops that were stand outs to me!

We got to see Cora's room once again. It is a lovely shade of blue...a tad dustier than some of the more bold aquas that have been hot over the past few years. Historically speaking, this powdery aqua was a very traditional choice.
Here are my 3 favorite Dusty Aqua Paint Colors:
festoon aqua sherwin williams
Sherwin Williams: FESTOON AQUA
Sherwin Williams: AQUEDUCT

blue paint swatch
Olympic Paint: AQUA CHIFFON

The Gilded Gold Picture Frames throughout the Abbey are gorgeous. Only a few years ago everyone was racing to Hobby Lobby to spray paint there frames to be a silver finish. Now everyone is lusting after gold accents. Which way do you lean? I personally like both and mix metallics, pretty much using them together often in my own decorating. Silver is definitely more understated. And maybe that is why gold/brass/copper tones are having a come back. There may be a rebellion from the cooler toned, greige Restoration Hardware, drab toned interiors...bold colors, bold prints, bling is BIG this year. Go for the Gold if you like warmer accents.
Vintage Gold Picture Frame Set
gold framed wall gallery + pink & white fretwork accents
Gold picture frames- very pretty.
What is Sqab, you say?
Well, it's sort of pigeon. Or any game bird. I always thought it was like Quail or Cornish Game Hen. It is a dark meat, similar to duck.  If you are up for a fun Downton Menu, try this from ELLE DECOR. 

and one final side note: Granny is no Wingman. "Don't use me as an excuse". OUCH.
I did love all of the character interactions. And whether you felt like the plot direction is one that had to be taken or have to admit, Downton is hard to leave. Maybe we should ask Tom if he feels the same way?

To see the episode and/or to see other behind the scenes commentary from Masterpiece, go here

PLUS: I've had several reader inquiries about some Downton Decor items...although I'm no Sherlock {which also comes back to PBS next week...woohoo}, it is so much fun to sleuth out some answers for you. Keep the questions coming! If you have a Downton Decor question feel free to comment below or email me in the CONTACT ME section above. I'll be sharing a few of these Reader Q&A's next week. 

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