Friday, January 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Splurge or Steal DEEP TEAL

Things have been updated around Commona My House with my favorite color: DEEP TEAL!
You may have noticed ;)
My design, brand and mood board were full of images that I loved that had Deep Teal, Magenta and Gold accents...with maybe a few shots of black and white stripes and florals.

I'm so excited to incorporate Teal into my blog design. And guess what? Trends that I've seen in the fashion and home design world are pointing to a HUGE RESURGENCE of jewel Deep Teal.
Here are a few of my favorite finds in Deep Teal:
The FULTON CHAIR from School House Electric

I almost peed my pants when I saw this chair. I <3 it so much.
But that's not in the cards for me.

Pacific Blue Elliot Wingback from WorldMarket

Honorable Mention, SEMI-STEAL:
Clark Velvet Slipper Chair from One Kings Lane
Clark Velvet Chair, Teal


  1. I love the first two! I'm not a big fan of the third. I wish I could redo my furniture and I'd love the middle chair in my house!

    1. I'm with you as far as the styles of the first two... traditional furniture shape but with a twist. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment, Megan!! XO!

  2. I love the fulton chair! It's like a in the front, party in the back!! ~Lisa @ Practically Perfect Home

    1. That is so funny Lisa!!! Totally true. Although, the Fulton I think has longer life span than the mullet. I don't know why I am so in love with it. It could easily be duplicated with a yard sale find, too btw. I think the fabric in the back gives it so much personality! Thanks for the fun comment, come and stop by again soon! XO!