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Downton Abbey Club {Season 4 Premiere} The more things change the more they stay the same.

Did you watch last night?

Wait until you watch it and come back...
I wouldn't want to spoil anything for you...
Last week I shared my Season 3 Wrap up post...I covered portrait walls, trunks as furniture, Highland (Lodge) style and a few other refresh your memory go here.

Last night, on the extra-long premiere we got a taste of how things are changing for each one of our characters.
BUT, there are things that I spied in the background throughout the episode that will never go out of style...
and I saw a few things that will be HUGE in 2014, not just because of Downton, but because things that are classic always seem to come around the horn again, 

Jewel toned wall color: Mary's Bedroom

Mary's Bedroom is painted a deep green peacock color. Jewel tones will be HUGE in 2014. If you are not quite into dark wall color, consider livening up a neutral room with touches of these colors...or a pattern with a neutral ground that uses bold colors! Emerald was 2013's color of the year, and it's not going anywhere... but peacocks, plums and indigo, not to mention various shades of purple will be in the forefront of interiors and fashion. 
turquoise wall - colors downstairs

Oriental Rugs

 Yes, for a few years now, the rug trend has been focused on large geometrics in a single color or monochromatic color ways... {chevron or quatrefoil rug anyone?}

Adore Magazine - bedrooms - bedroom reading corner, reading corner, white curtains, white wingback chair, gray throw, gray throw blanket, ch...
And although that look is here to stay..there is a MAJOR RESURGENCE in classic Oriental Rugs.  Bold colors, traditional patterns, Kilims, Bokara, even Aubusson, you name it, they are coming back. 
Carpets and kilims, Paspatur, Fethiye
If you like Orientals, look for color ways that speak to you. Are traditional Orientals too Granny for you, but you like Oriental patterns? You're in luck... the new thing is that they aren't just limited to authentic dye if you want a orchid and orange kilim, chances are you'll be able to find one! 
kilim rugs, word of the week from
Have a traditional Oriental rug? Try using it in accent areas where you've never tried them before...try them in your kitchen, halls or entry area.

Copper in the kitchen:

It's not brass, it's not's COPPER! Mrs. Pattmore has a shelf full of copper and if you can afford it, it's a classic investment for your kitchen. 

Downton Abbey, Kitchen Interior

Brass and Gold have had a GIGANTIC comeback in just the past year, but not everyone can handle that much bling...look for copper accents (contemporary and traditional)  in lighting, hardware and of course, in kitchen supplies and accents to make a resurgence this year.

Style Cookie, copper details . . .

Side note: Oh no, EDNA is back, but she's not a classic. This up to no good, Kelly Rippa look-alike is so last season.  I guess sometimes even bad trends resurface....because she's hopped right into O'Brien's vacant seat. Edna also seems to fill Thomas' need for a scheming buddy as well, whether she knows it or not.  Duck Face and/or Silly Goose.

Back to the good

Deco Patterns:

The patterns we saw in Rose's Flapper Style dresses and Edith's London dresses are showcasing the move from Arts and Crafts Movement to Art Deco that was coming to the forefront of the era...I'd love to see more Deco wall paper and fabric in the interiors..maybe if we get to see more of London society dwellings?!

The Servant's Downstairs Dining Area: Classic Hunt Club

Hunt Club Antler Trophy Reproductions Set by Twos Company® eclectic accessories and decor

I'll take all of the above, please. I call this the RALPH LAUREN or HUNT CLUB look....think of what a Ralph Lauren display would have in it....antlers, sconces, ironstone, trophies, plaids, luggage...
this style is sort of a lodge, hunt, preppy blend. 

This trend has been building, with antlers taking center stage for about 2 years now. The trend has been to use most of these items on their own. But we'll be seeing a return to this classic, traditional look with more mainstream interiors retailers pushing plaids and conservative prints along with their antler offerings this year. {See Ballard Designs here and World Market here}.
If you're into this look {I was in the mid '90s and dig it again when used sparingly and not as a THEME}...but if you're into it check out my Hunt Club look favorites: American Hatfield and Kiel James Patrick . These are names that could easily become a household name like Ralph Lauren. 
So, what was your favorite part about 
Downton Abbey, Season 4, Episode 1?!

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