Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Downton Abbey Season 4, Finale {"Second Hand Emotion" or "Rather Dodgy"}


{Apologies that it has taken me a week and a half to get this out. I am going through some personal health issues and have been pulled into several directions. There was so much to discuss that it has taken me several goes at this post before it was complete!}
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As far as narrative goes, I was left wanting more. What did you think?
But I felt like aesthetically, it was glorious.

So, as usual, I have jumped in to share what stood out to me in the Season 4 Finale aka the Christmas Special if you are from across the pond. 
I've tried to explore everything that came in between Daisy's Bechemel to Carson's exposed ankles. {Well, that didn't sound quite right}.
mrs hughes carson

London Crawley House 1923
I loved seeing the more modern home in London.
Less on the walls, more elegant, less fussy.
Although, wow, every town home in London sure does have their share of statues and busts.
I really enjoyed seeing the mixture of antiques with more modern Deco pieces. 

I loved the GOTHIC or RENAISSANCE CHAIR that was in Aunt Rosamund's Drawing Room. The curved seat is so feminine.

Then there was Lady Mary,
 Dangling Men by a Tassel Necklace
{actually many of the ladies had long, tassels on}

Anthropologie's CORONATION Necklace
Stella & Dot's GITANE 

Leather Tassle CRASH & DUTCHESS
Tassel crystal pendant necklace
White House Black Market JET & PEARL TASSLE 

And...didn't you just love loyal Mr. Drew.
What a sad state for poor Edith. To rely on the kindness of a stranger, over her own family. But what a lovely and chivalrous man Mr. Drew was. I hope he continues to be and that he isn't just another man to manipulate our Lady Edith. 

"Sometimes it's better to take a risk than to go down the wrong path"

There was seriously so much to talk about from this finale alone, that I'll have another Downton Decor post coming up next week.
I'd love it if you share what some of your favorite moments or noticeables were!

P.S. If you feel like the Royal Love Letter plot was Jumping the Shark per se, then read up on the historical account of what Julian Fellowes was most likely referencing.

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