Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh, my! Otomi!

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Hot Pink Otomi Art Print via Furbish Studio
This week I've been busy working on my Year of Change Challenge!
March is the month of the Stencil and I mentioned here that I'll be working with Cutting Edge's OTOMI Stencil. I'm so excited to show you how to get the Otomi look for less by using this stencil!

There are certain classic patterns that will never go out of style. 
The list is long, but my favorites include Ikat, Greek Key, and Otomi.
Having lived in Southern California, I have to say, that whenever I see Otomi I think of warm beach breezes and bougainvillea. 
When someone says OTOMI, they are referring to the pattern made popular by hand embroidered textiles made by the Otomi people indigenous to the Mountains in Hidalgo, Mexico. The patterns are originally attributed to cave paintings from the Otomi mountain people from over 2000 years ago. The traditional patterns have been repeated in hand embroidery ever since. These embroidered masterpieces depict prayers, rites of passage and the daily life of this ancient hunter-gatherer tribe. They typically have bold color, animal and plant life silhouettes.

The originals can be quite pricey, they are handmade after all and you would expect to pay the same price for fabric as you would for a handmade rug. These original works of art have inspired Otomi alternatives so that whether you can collect the real thing or not, you can still have a touch of Otomi even if on a budget.
Cobalt Blue Otomi piece ready to ship
 Handworked, Cobalt Blue & White Otomi Piece via CasaOtomi
Summer Lime green Otomi Pouf  Gorgeous and ready to Ship
Handworked Emerald Green Otomi Pouf via CasaOtomi
Otomi Pillows and Lampshades via Stray Dog Designs

Wisteria - Accessories - Shop by Category - Throw Pillows - Otomi Pillow - Orange
Orange Otomi Pillow via Wisteria
Wisteria - Accessories - Shop by Category - Throw Pillows - Otomi Pillow - Turquoise - $69.00
Otomi Pillows via Wisteria
And there are several Otomi fabrics on Spoonflower that give you the option of selecting your favorite Otomi pattern in the fabric grade that you require.

I'll be revealing my (Budget Friendly) Year of Change Challenge on Friday! 
Can't wait to show you!

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