Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Getting out my Spring Wreath!

Last year I found this green moss wreath at a discount. I bought it for $9 and loved it as is. But I like playing around with things and I thought it needed a little embellishment. So I found this birds nest at Hobby Lobby. I didn't like the eggs that came with it. So I added 4 eggs (1 for each of my kids).
I don't like to do things permanently sometimes. As I said, I loved the wreath on it's own and I saw potential to use it again at Christmas time or any time of the year actually, so instead of gluing the nest on or pinning it and risking making large holes, I took burlap ribbon yardage and wrapped the nest to the wreath, tightly securing and knotting off the ribbon on the back of the wreath.  At first I wasn't so sure, frankly, I was thinking that the burlap looked like an Ace Bandage...but it has grown on me. I took it apart last year and used the wreath in other places...and now it is back with the nest, ready for Spring again.  It was fun to play with the positioning of the nest. I had it slightly lower to the bottom right last year, but I like it clearly on top of the moss this year.

So now I'm ready for Spring!

4 eggs= 4 kids. It's a messy but colorful nest. 

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