Thursday, February 28, 2013

COME FLEA WITH ME: $20 in my pocket

The "I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket", Macklemore Challenge:
 if you haven't heard the song, there is a song by rapper Macklemore, that is a fun, sort-of endorsement to Thrift Store shopping.  A few weeks ago, I decided that I would put $20 in my pocket and leave my purse behind, and head over to my favorite thrift/junk/used treasure shop: RIVER CITY TRADING POST in JENKS, OK.

This is what I found:

Painted Giant Spool ($30)that I would sand the heck out of and use for a table.

Cool rectangular table, would be great coffee table in front of long sofa. I also loved the zinc letters
 that were in this old case.

It's a good thing I didn't have my wallet with me. I fell hard for this old card catalog. It evidently had been used to store old fishing supplies but I'd like this in just about any room of my box, anyone?

These are old (probably 1950's-1960's) floral frogs. They are used at the bottom of a vase, urn or container to help keep the flowers in their arrangement. LOVE THESE. This was almost what I walked home with.  I'd use them on a desk for pens, for any displays and of course, for flowers. But I like them being visible and could come up with several different uses for them.
Ah...who doesn't love a good Social Studies flash back? This roll-down  U.S. map was only $85.
 I went back for it a week after this pic was taken and it was gone. Maps are super hot items these days.

This Parson's chair was only $35...would have been a fun re-upholstry project.

Cubbies!!! Again, possibilities would be endless...shoe storage for your garage, book case, you name it.

And around the corner I found this AMAZING piece of junk: I fell hard for this. But I didn't have the space for it and  it was pricey. But how cool would this be in a workshop or craft room?????

There were several really great mirrors this time around.  All reasonably priced between $12-38.  I love mirrors, but I also love my chalkboard that I made from an old mirror....unique frames on mirrors (like this one) would add quite a bit of character to a chalkboard.

This table set was really fantastic.  They were metal, had an Asian Bamboo thing going on and totally could have been from HORCHOW after a good scrubbin.  

This dresser shouldn't have been painted. It would have been a fantastic mid-century piece to keep its original finish. But since they painted it, it would really be spectacular to do an OMBRE (not HOMBRE) finish on the front drawers.

Love that they spiced these simple chairs up with Chevron. Great update.

This little sweetheart of a table would be a fantastic coffee or side table, not to mention the perfect tiny table for a book nook, along a comfy chair in the corner of my bedroom. ($45)

Another mid-century piece that shouldn't have been painted, in my opinion. But super fun and a great find.
And this is what I found that I brought home with my crisp $20:
mid-century Jadeite measuring cup ($12)
Crazazy wood planter ($6). I love it. It's natural and can find a home in just about any room in my house.
I have a huge plant in it right now.
So, that's what I got for my $20.  
Some advice when thrift shopping: usually you can negotiate and make an offer on something that is over $85.  It never hurts to try. If something is under say $85 they probably won't go less. But if something is priced at $350, start by offering $50 less and see where it takes you. Don't forget, these vendors do have to account for not only what they have in their item, they have to pay their booth space/rent, etc. Typically, they're happy to haggle to sell the item.
I'll be flea-ing once a month, checking out what's out there at my favorite second-hand places!
Come flea with me!
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  1. Wow, that is an amazing store. you are lucky!

    1. Hi Marium! I am so lucky. It's really a hub for eclectic finds. Some booths aren't all that and others are amazing. There is a lot of industrial salvage, too. Things really fly out the door there...and it often turns up in designer markets and showrooms around town for triple the price. It makes for a fun little excursion! There are certain vendors that I follow and have asked for their direct contact that I can ask them to keep their eyes out for something that I'm looking for. Love me some junk!

  2. LOVE that measuring cup! I have GOT to check that place out!

    1. The measuring cup should have been priced at the $30-$40 price point. And, YOU DO need to check it out!!! Come with me sometime! They don't mind kids coming in but when I have my littles with me I run in and out. It's more fun to take time to go up and down the aisles. SATURDAYS are CRAZY there! So much fun! I think I've gotten Jamie L hooked on it! Thanks for your comment! XXXXOOO!

  3. A) I LOVE that song! Such a fun one!
    B) That card catalog is amazing! Would love to find one for a good deal!
    C) So, so, so, jealous of your jadeite measuring cup! Great find! I LOVE jadeite, but haven't found a single piece at a good price yet!

    1. Hi JENNA! Thanks for stopping in! I am starting to collect Jadeite! This is only my second piece, but I dream of a cupboard full of it one day! The card catalog was over $500 so it wasn't in the program that day. But my desire for it has sparked a hunt for a more affordable one!!! Wish we could go shopping together!

  4. that measuring cup is gorgeous! ooohh i may have had to search under my sofa cushions for change and ransack my son's piggy bank to go back and buy that card catalog!!! wish we could be flea-ing together!!

    1. ooo the card catalog! To die for. I really did love that the previous owner had put all kinds of fishing tackle labels in it, too. Would have been the perfect find for a lake house. But I don't have one of those either. XXXOOO.

  5. Wow! Lots of fabulous eye candy. Thanx for sharing last week at THT!

    1. Hi Pamela! Thanks for coming over from From My Front Porch- I LOVE YOUR blog!!! It's so much fun to see what creative minds are up to!!! Come back often, I have give aways once a month and they're often vintage :)

  6. I agree! Some things just shouldn't be painted. Love what you got. I really really want that card catalog thing tho!!!!Thanks for taking me flea-ing with you!

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