Friday, February 22, 2013


I like to feature spaces that are inspirational: when someone takes something really blah and uninspiring and through their vision, creativity and ingenuity they turn it into something exceptional.

This is one of those before and afters that I am so excited about sharing with you!
Megan, over at BALANCING HOME, put together this amazing, sweet, very special "BIG GIRL ROOM READING NOOK for her daughter.

BIG STENCIL ROUNDUP..Stencil Project ideas

To sort of put it in perspective, here is her BEFORE.
Closet Before #biggirlroom

Can you believe it? Are the cogs in your brain churning to try to find a space in your home to do this very same thing?
Closet to Reading Nook- herringbone stencil & gutter bookshelves #biggirlroom
She has Herringbone, ruffles, books and bookshelves made from GUTTERS; is there anything else a big girl needs? Yes, it's all in the hop over to BALANCING HOME and check out Megan's post detailing this phenomenal project.
Just had to share!


  1. Wow! So cute and feminine! I found your guest post on Rain on a Tin Roof and just had to visit your it! I'm your newest follower!
    Selene @

    1. Hi, Selene! Thanks so much for following Jenna over from Rain on a Tin Roof! Don't you just love how this space was transformed? So sweet. Thank you for becoming a member of Commona-my House...come back often...I usually have giveaways each month! I'm now following you at Restoration Beauty!!! Love it!!