Friday, February 15, 2013

Freebie Friday: Antique Shops and Designers

If you've been following Commona-my House, you know that I love to sort of gather up "free" goodies on-line and bring them to you on Fridays. Usually, I find printables to share...but today, I'm just over the moon excited to share with you a really splendid freebie....Antique Shops and Designers Magazine (eZine).
You may have never heard of it, but it is an amazing, trade source.
Antique Shops & Designers Vol. 9
Volume 9 of Antique Shops and Designers
The most recent Volume, 9, has some fabulous articles on LIGHT, THE MANOR HOUSE, and my favorite article in this issue: HOME WITH A SOUL (p88).  I also think it is fun to just flip through the advertisements, too...I remember doing that with my Grandmother's trade magazines {and TOWN & COUNTRY} when I was hanging out with her at my family's Auction Gallery when I was a kid}.
And let's face it, we may not have these types of homes, art or antiques, but there are things that you can take away from these articles: furniture placement, accessorizing, color, style and finishes that you are drawn short, it's inspirational to see what you like and what you don't and be exposed to another corner of the design world.
But the super exciting part of this FREEBIE FRIDAY is that if you dig this sort of thing and have time to peruse through this volume, there are 8 other past Antiques and Designers volumes to click on as well.
Antique Shops & Designers Vol. 7

So have at it, or Pin this to check it out on a rainy day.  

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