Thursday, November 15, 2012

Displaying old family pictures

I think everyone has them, either in an old box or album...those old family pictures. I've saved some of ours, scanned them in and have them digitally. But I still have some original prints.  I don't leave them out all of the time but haul them out especially during the holidays. It's fun to bring them out as a reminder of special family members. You could, of course, have them out anywhere in your home at any time of year.  And all of these would be fun projects to do with your kids over Thanksgiving Break, just saying.
This idea works with every style...whether you are traditional, vintage, modern/contemporary, industrial,  etc. 
Think outside the box. It's a good way to break up the monotonous frame, after frame, after frame displays we've all dusted around before at some time in our lives. 
Wide mouth jars, like these mason jars, make for a non-permanent option.  Use what you have if you don't have special mason jars. Why not recycle a jelly jar?

The vintage bottles used below are pretty much a permanent decision. But gorgeous. And you're recycling.  I like to call it "upcycling" :)
The streamlined "I'm not into vintage", contemporary version can work anywhere.

and then some...

This lovely wreath can be made from cardboard if you don't want to spring for a wreath base. Photo copy the originals before cutting and tacking in place with scrap dots.
Family Tree.  Again, copy originals, use desired size circle punch(s), whole punch, thread, and voila! Tie to branches or tree.
I love these ideas because it forces you to think of things you may already have around your house in new ways.
Have fun. Create.


  1. I LOVE these ideas! Especially the photo wreath! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thanks so much, Maren! I love them, too, which is why I wanted to share. I think I might have to do a photo wreath with my family's old Christmas pictures from when we were kids.
    I've been wanting to ask you, I would love to do see your before and afters of your house. Would you want to share? I'd like to start a segment called "Space Tours" and would love to interview you...what do you think? Weird? Would you be ok with it? :) XXXOOO!