Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving or jump right to Christmas?

Are you a Traditionalist? Do you decorate for Thanksgiving or jump straight to Christmas? Poor can't compete in between the commercialism of  Halloween and Christmas. 
To me, November means Thanksgiving. I don't break out the Christmas bells from Tupperware storage until I'm making leftover turkey sandwiches from Thanksgiving dinner. I totally get the whole, "I love Christmas and I want to get the most out of all the work and thrill there is involved in Christmas lights, trees, garland and glitter".  But there is I guess then something nostalgic, dare I sat retro, in being a Thanksgiving decor embracer. And I guess, now as a mom of four, I'd like to cram as much thankfulness and gratitude down my kids throats before they start asking for things come Black Friday. Call me old fashioned!

When I was into kids crafts, feathers and pilgrims and the Mayflower showed up on my table. I'm not so much in that stage typical Thanksgiving decor consists of natural items (things I find outside) and left over pumpkins from Halloween. I don't go over the's a humble holiday, after all.
That's what I think? How about you? What do you do for Thanksgiving decorations or traditions?

Here is a little web round up to show how you can keep it simple.

-Thanksgiving used to be all about putting down your "NICE" table cloth, but not necessarily anymore.  Put brown craft paper down on your table. Or find a couple of yards of fabric you love, (burlap is having a moment), don't bother sewing- cut and fold edges to form a table runner.   No matter what your style, it's easy.

-"GIVE THANKS"- To make the pear display at the top of this post, you'll need 10 pears. (Make it 12 in case you have an "OOPS"). Take a sharpie marker and make each letter on the pear. Then place cloves in each pear for every cooresponding letter.
-If you're not into going over the top, go to the grocery store for your decor!  Pick up a bag of cranberries, pears, pomagranates, apples, cinnamon sticks, cloves, anything will do.  Then use what you have around your house: many of these ideas can be spun with a clear glass vase (keeping things streamlined and simple, glass jars, vases, or yes, maybe even Grandma's special compote.  You can have a lovely display, with minimal effort and come out looking chic .

-If you're minimalist, don't be turned off by the vintage vibe in the pic below...I think I'm going to steal this mantle idea this year.
I love this very New England look put together with found objects, pumpkins and quick embelishments.

The look below has a lot going on. And it works.  But there are several great elements within this busy table scape.  Personally, I would choose a few of these at a time.  I love the fresh color pallette of green and aqua with pops of yellow and orange. Some other items to take away from this:
1. The table runner either in an unexpected pattern or burlap, which is having a moment (fold under a piece of fabric, no need to sew...I've been folding for years. No one ever looks and you can use the fabric again without committing to just a table runner). 
2.The flowers are in simple jars which are wrapped in twine for further texture and to tie (no pun intended) in the burlap natural sub-theme she has going on.
3. If you look closely, you will notice that each green pillar candle is sitting on top of a cut slice of log. I love this and think that you could run with this idea for Thanksgiving and Christmas use.
4.Natural elements again in center branch arrangement. I believe that she also has a few peacock feathers in there. For a more traditional look, pheasant feathers would be pretty and if you're not going with the quirky turquoise color theme, I'd scratch the peacock feathers and save 'um for another day.
5.  I kind of love her cork board, which is obvs not a Thanksgiving decoration, but she has family pics and can you see the "gather" squares tacked to the board.  Simple burlap (did I say that if you haven't noticed it's EVERYWHERE and has been IT for a while now).
6. She's using her "Good" china.  If you have some, use it. If you aren't going to use it on Thanksgiving, when are you? She's displaying her platters and other serving pieces on the table before they are covered with dinner and I like that.
7. The napkin ring/holders are cute. This is a great place to get the kids involved in what is not typically a fun holiday unless you throw in a few kid friendly things.   

What do you think?
Is there something(s) that you love to do to give Thanksgiving it's own flair?
I'd love to know!

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