Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pining for Faux Bois

"Faux Bois" is a classic design pattern. It is French for "false wood". Various uses of the pattern and furniture technique (see below) trace back 200-300 years to craftsmen in France and Italy.  The pattern emulates wood grain, the knottier (not naughtier) the better. In the 70's there was a lot of burnt orange, avacado and rust faux bois to go around.  I credit Martha Stewart for the re-birth. Maybe she had a favorite faux bois pot holder from 1973 that served as inspiration, but she started incorporating it regularly into her crafts, decor and yes...desserts where any good French baker can say he creates faux bois when baking a Bouche de Noel or Yule Log.   Since about 2006 the pattern and the faux bois style in furniture has become a quiet presence in design. What was once quaint, rustic or woodsy is now appearing in more often a fresh,  Scandinavian influenced color pallet.  Martha's been a big faux bois pusher, year after year using the pattern in everything from note cards to rugs. Big designers took notice and it's been mainstreamed.  Etsy has been on the band wagon, too.  And with the new BIRCH FAUX BOIS look poping up everywhere (have you seen Anthropologie's Woodland themed Christmas Windows and store decorations? GORGEOUS!) this pattern is proving to have staying power.  It has been building steam and is ready for a huge resurgence again, waiting patiently for its friend CHEVRON  to move along. So whether you like it or not, I think this season you'll be seeing it quite a bit at both ends of the price point spectrum, from high end designers to TARGET! If you chose to love it, use it sparingly.....once in a room, as an accent. For example if a room has a faux bois lamp, then that's it. Don't go for the faux bois rug, planter and throw pillow.  And if you like but can't see this quirky pattern in your home, they have note cards for that. What do you think of faux bois? Love it or lose it?
Come back tomorrow for a faux bios DIY just in time for the holidays.

Funky Faux Bois pattern:

Faux Bois furniture style:

High Price Point:

Ross Sveback $126

custom fabric, $42 per yard

Low Price Point:

Target "Woodgrain" Platter $9.99

West Elm Faux Bois Burnout Curtains

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